War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0657 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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ART. XXXVI. The Confederate States also agree to employ a blacksmith for the Senecas and one for the Senecas and Shawnees for and during the term of twenty years from the date of this treaty, and an assistant for each, who shall be one of the Seneca or Shawnee people, and received a compensation of $250 per annum; and they will also furnish each blacksmith a dwelling-house, shop, and tolls, and supply each shop with local and with 600 pounds of iron and 100 pounds of steel annually.

ART. XXXVII. The Confederate States will also employ one wagon-maker and wheelwright for the Senecas, and one for the Senecas and Shawnees, for and during the term of twenty years from the date of this treaty, and furnish each with a dwelling-house, shop, tools, and the necessary materials.

ART. XXXVIII. The Confederate States also hereby agree to built and put in running order for the Senecas and the Senecas and Shawnees, at some suitable point in their country, convenient to both, to be selected by the agent, a good grist and saw mill, and to deliver the same when completed to the Seneca and Seneca and Shawnee people, whose joint absolute property it shall at once become. And the Confederate States will also employ for the term of ten years an experienced miller for each mill, to be selected, if possible, from among the Senecas or Shawnees, and if such millers can be had at a compensation not exceeding $600 for each per annum.

ART. XXXIX. The Confederate States hereby agree to furnish each warrior of the Seneca tribe, and of the Shawnees aforesaid, and of the Senecas of the mixed bands aforesaid, when they shall have united in this treaty, who was not a gun, with a good rifle, and also to furnish each warrior of the same with a sufficient supply of ammunition during the war.

ART. XL. If any trader or other person should purchased from the Senecas or Shawnees, aforesaid, any of the articles given them by the Confederate States, he shall be severely punished.

ART. XLI. A general amnesty of all past offenses against the laws of the United States, or of the Confederate States, committed before the singing of this treaty, by any person of the Seneca tribe, or by any Shawnee of the mixed bands, is hereby declared; and all such persons, if any, charged with any such offense, shall receive from the President full and free pardon, and if imprisoned or held to bail, before of after conviction, shall be discharged.

ART. XLII. The Confederate States of America hereby tender to the Senecas, of the mixed bands of Senecas and Shawnees, the same protection and guarantees as are hereby extended and given to the Seneca tribe, and to the Shawnees aforesaid, and the other benefits offered to the said Senecas specifically by this treaty; annecas, of the mixed bands, shall give no aid to the enemies of the Confederate States, and shall, within one year from the day of the singing of this treaty, enter into a convention whereby they shall unite in this treaty, and shall accept and agree to all the terms and conditions of the same, then it shall, to all intents and purposes, be regarded as having been originally made with them also, and they be deemed and taken to be parties hereto as if they were now to sign the same.

ART. XLIII. This convention shall be obligatory on the Seneca tribe, and on the Shawnees, aforesaid, of the mixed bands, from the day of its date, and on the Confederate States from and after its ratification by the Senate of Provisional Congress.