War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0656 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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ART. XXXII. Inasmuch as the Seneca tribe and the Senecas and Shawnees have received among them persons of the Wyandot tribe to the number of 113, and have given them land to live on without chargem and in consideration of the loyalty of the Seneca tribe, including the Cayugas and Mohawks, who are members of the tribe of the Senecas aforesaid, and of the Wyandots who reside among them, and of their great necessities, the Confederate States do hereby further agree that they will expend in each and every year hereafter, for the term of twenty years from the day of the singing of this treaty, commencing with the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, and in the early part of each year, the sum of $2,400, for the benefit of the Seneca tribe, including the Cyaugas and Mohawks, who form part of the tribe of the Shawnees aforesaid, forming part of the mixed bands of Senecas and Shawnees, of the Wyandots residing among each, and of the Senecas of the said mixed bands, if they shall unite int his treaty, but not otherwise, which sum of money shall be annually expended in the purchase by the superintendent, at first cost at the place of purchase in the Confederate States, of such articles of clothing, blankets, utensils, and other useful articles as he shall, aided by the report and recommendation of the agent in each year, judge to be most desirable, and as will conduce to the health and comfort of the Indians; and which article shall be annually distributed by the agent as equally as possible among the persons composing the Seneca tribe as aforesaid, the Shawnees, and Wyandots aforesaid, and the Senecas of the said mixed bands of Senecas and Shawnees; in which distribution, however, regard may be had by the agent, by the advice of the chiefs, to the character and circumstances of the recipients, and the needy who are industrious and worthy be especially provided for, and the idle and dissolute not be encouraged.

ART. XXXIII. The Senecas and the Senecas and Shawnees not being able to maintain schools among them, and being anxious their children should not grow up in ignorance, the Confederate States hereby agree to built a comfortable school-house in each tribe, and that they will employ during the term of twenty years a competent male teacher and a competent female teacher, pay their salaries, and furnish the schools with the necessary stationery and such books as are needed for instruction in common schools. The repairs of school-houses shall be made and fuel furnished by the Senecas, the Senecas and Shawnees, and Wyandots themselves, and the schools shall be open to children of all alike.

ART. XXXIV. Whenever it shall be desired either by the Senecas or the Shawnees of the mixed bands after the said Senecas shall have united in this treaty, a division of their joint annuity of $1,892. 96 shall be made between them in the ration of their numbers, and each band shall thereafter receive to its sole use the share of said annuity belonging to it, as thus determined, whatever their respective numbers may afterward be.

ART. XXXV. The Confederate States will also furnish the Senecas, formerly of Sandusky, and the Shawnees aforesaid, and the Senecas of the mixed bands when they shall have united in this treaty, with such medicines as may be necessary, and will employ a physician for them and for the Quapaws, who shall reside at a convenient place in the country of one or the other tribe during the pleasure of the President; and any physician employed shall be discharged by the superintendent and another be employed in his place in case of incompetency or inattention to his duties.