War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0652 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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a white man committing such offense against the person or property of an Indian, within the meaning of the act of Congress of the Confederate States. And all negroes and mulattoes, bond or free, committing any such offense in said country shall, in like manner, be subject to the laws of the tribe.

ART. XXI. The Confederate States shall have the right to establish, open, and maintain such military and other roads through any part of the Seneca or Seneca and Shawnee country as the President may deem necessary, without making anor the right of way, or for the land, timber, or stone used in constructing the same; but if any other property of the tribe, or any other property or the improvements of an individual be used or injured therein, just and adequate compensation shall be made.

ART. XXII. The Confederate States my grant the right of way for any railroad through any part of the Seneca or Seneca and Shawnee country; but the company to which any such right of way may be granted shall pay the tribe thereof through whose country any part of the road runs sums as in the opinion of the President be its fair value; and shall also pay to individuals all damages done by the building of said road to their improvements or other property to such amount in each case as commissioners appointed by the President shall determine.

ART. XXIII. The agent of the Confederate States for the Osages and other tribes shall prevent all instructions by hunters and others upon the lands of the Senecas and of the Senecas and Shawnees, and permit no white men or other Indians to settle thereon, and shall remove all such persons, calling, of necessary, upon the military power for aid; and the commanders of military posts in that or the adjoining country shall be required to afford him such aid upon his requisition.

ART. XXIV. No citizen or inhabitant of the Confederate States or member of any friendly nation or tribe of Indians shall pasture stock on the lands of the Senecas or Senecas and Shawnees; but all such persons shall have full liberty, at all times, and whether for business or pleasure, peaceably to travel in their country, on the roads or elsewhere, to drive their stock through the same and to halt such reasonable time on the way as may be necessary to recruit their stock, such delay being in good faith for that purpose and for no other.

ART. XXV. Any person duly charged with a criminal offense against the laws of the Confederate States, or of any State or territory, or of any Indian nation or tribe, under the protection of the Confederate States, escaping into the Seneca or Seneca and Shawnee country, shall be promptly taken and delivered up by the chiefs of the Senecas or Senecas and Shawnees, on the demand of the proper authority of the Confederate State, or of the State, Territory, nation, or tribe within whose jurisdiction the offense shall be alleged to have been committed.

ART. XXVI. In addition to the laws of the Confederate States, expressly applying to the Indian country, so much of their laws as provides for the punishment of crimes amounting to felony at common law, or by statute against their laws, authority, or treaties, and over which the courts of the Confederate States have jurisdiction, including the counterfeiting the coin of the United States or of the Confederate States, or any other current coinies of the Confederate States, or the uttering of such counterfeit coin or securities; and so much of said laws as provides for punishing violations of