War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0649 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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shall be permitted to come within their country to reside without the consent and license of the people of each tribe respectively.

ART. V. The right is hereby reserved to the Confederate States to select in any unoccupied part of the country of either of said tribes or band, if they should desire to do so, a tract of land one mile square as a reserve and site for an agency, for the said tribes and for the Quapaws and Osages, which shall revert to the tribe in whose country it is selected, with the buildings thereon, whenever it shall cease to be occupied as an agency.

ART. VI. The Confederate States shall have the right to establish in the said country such forts and military posts as they may deem necessary, and shall have the right to select for each such fort or post a tract of land one mile square, on which such fort or post shall be established: Provided, That if any person have any improvements on any tract so selected, the value of such improvements shall be paid by the Government to the owner thereof.

ART. VII. No person whatever shall be permitted to settle or reside upon the agency reserve, when it shall have been selected, except by the permissionor upon any reserve for a fort or military post, except by the permission of the commanding officer; and every such reserve, for the agency, or for forts or military posts, shall be within the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Confederate States.

ART. VIII. The Confederate States hereby guarantee that the country hereby secured to the said Senecas and Senecas and Shawnees shall never be included within the bounds of any State or Territory, nor shall any of the laws of any State or Territory ever be extended over or put in force within any part of the said country; and the President of the Confederate States will cause the said tribes to be protected against all molestation or disturbance at the hands of any other tribe or nation of Indians, or of any other person or persons whatever; and he shall have the same care and superintendence over them as was heretofore had by the President of the United States.

ART. IX. The members of the said Seneca tribe and the said Seneca and Shawnee mixed bands shall have the right henceforward of hunting and killing game in all the unoccupied country west of the possessions of the Cherokees, Seminoles, Choctaws, and Chickasaws, without molestation from any quarter, being while so engaged therein under the protection of the Confederate States.

ART. X. There shall be perpetual peace and brotherhood between the Seneca tribe and the Shawnees aforesaid, and the Osages, Cherokees, Mus-ki-is, Seminoles, Choctaws, and Chickasaws, and the bands of the Wichitas, Cado-Ha-da-chos, Hue-cos, Ta-hua-ca-ros, A-na-dagh-cos, Ton-ca-wes, Ki-chais, Ai-o-nais, Shawnees, and Delewares living in the country leased from the Choctaws, and Chickasaws, and the Pen-e-tegh-ca, No-co-ni, Ta-ne-I-weh, Ya-pa-rih-ca, and Co-cho-tih-ca bands of the Ne-um or Comanches; and every injury or act of hostility which either has heretofore sustained or met with at the hands of the other shall be forgiven and forgotten.

ART. XI. The Seneca tribe and the Shawnees aforesaid and the said several other nations, tribes, and shall henceforth be good neighbors to each other, and there shall be a free and friendly intercourse among them. And it is hereby agreed by the said Seneca tribe and the said Shawnees, as has already been agreed by all the others, that the horses, cattle, and other stock and property of each nation, tribe, or band, and every person of each, is his or its own; and that no person belonging to the Senecas or Shawnees aforesaid shall or will