War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0630 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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III. -Statement of the regiments, battalions, and companies mustered into the service of the Confederate States-Continued.


Number of regiment Commander Station

or battalion

Twentieth Colonel Joel A. Battle

Twenty-first Colonel E. Pickett, jr

Twenty-second Colonel T. J. Freeman

Twenty-third Colonel M. Martin Camp Trousdale,


Twenty-fourth (Not reported)

Twenty-fifth (Not reported)

Twenty-sixth (Not reported)

First Battalion Lieut. Colonel G. R. With General

Cavalry McClellan Zollicoffer

Second Battalion Lieut. Colonel Wm. Do.

Cavalry Brazelton

Third Battalion Lieut. Colonel S. H.

Cavalry Jones


First Colonel L. T. Wigfall Manassas.

Second Colonel J. C. Moore Texas (home


Third Colonel P. N. Luckett Do.

Fourth Colonel R. T. P. Allen Richmond.

Fifth (organizing) . . . . . . . . . . Do.

. . . . . .

First Cavalry Colonel H. E. With General

McCulloch McCulloch

Second Cavalry Colonel John S. Ford Texas.

Third Cavalry Colonel E. Greer With General


Fourth Cavalry Colonel James Reily With General Sibley

Fifth Cavalry Colonel Thomas Green Do.


First Colonel P. T. Moore Manassas.

Second Colonel J. W. Allen Do.

Third Colonel R. A. Pryor Norfolk.

Fourth Colonel J. F. Preston Manassas.

Fifth Colonel W. H. Harman Do.

Sixth Colonel William Mahone Norfolk.

Seventh Colonel J. L. Kemper Manassas.

Eighth Colonel Eppa Hunton Do.

Ninth Colonel F. H. Smith Norfolk.

Tenth Colonel A. C. Cummings Manassas.

Eleventh Colonel S. Garland, jr Do.

Twelfth Colonel D. A. Weisiger Norfolk.

Thirteenth Colonel A. P. Hill Manassas.

Fourteenth Colonel J. G. Hodges Yorktown.

Fifteenth Colonel T. P. August Do.

Sixteenth Colonel R. E. Colston Norfolk.

Seventeenth Colonel M. D. Corse Manassas.

Eighteenth Colonel R. E. Withers Do.

Nineteenth Colonel P. St. G. Do.


Twentieth Lieut. Colonel John

(disbanded) Pegram

Twenty-first Colonel W. Gilham Army of



Twenty-second Colonel C. Q. Tompkins Army of Kanawha

Twenty-third Colonel W. B. Army of

Taliaferro Northwestern


Twenty-fourth Colonel William R. Manassas.


Twenty-fifth Colonel George A. Army of

Porterfield Northwestern


Twenty-sixth Colonel C. A. Crump Yorktown

Twenty-seventh Colonel W. W. Gordon Manassas.

Twenty-eighth Colonel R. T. Preston Do.

Twenty-ninth Colonel A. C. Moore

Thirtieth Colonel R. M. Cary Fredericksburg

Thirty-first Colonel S. H. Reynolds Army of



Thirty-second Colonel Benjamin S. Yorktown


Thirty-third Colonel S. B. Gibbons Manassas.

Thirty-fourth Colonel J. W. Ware Winchester

Thirty-fifth Colonel A. Beckley Army of



Thirty-sixth Colonel J. McCausland Army of Kanawha

Thirty-seventh Colonel S. V. Army of

Funkerson Northwestern


Thirty-eighth Colonel E. C. Edmonds Manassas.

Thirty-ninth Colonel Charles Smith Eastern Shore, Va.

Fortieth Colonel J. M. Fredericksburg


Forty-first Colonel J. R. Norfolk

Chambliss, Jr.

Forty-second Colonel Jesse S. Burks Army of



Forty-third Colonel R. M. Conn Winchester

Forty-fourth Colonel W. C. Scott Army of



Forty-fifth Colonel H. Heth Army of Kanawha.

Forty-sixth Colonel J. L. Davis Wise's brigade