War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0629 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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III. Statement of the regiments, battalions, and companies mustered into the service of the Confederate States-Continued.


Number of regiment Commander Station.

or battalion

First Colonel M. S. Stokes Manassas, or

Holmes' command.

Second Colonel C. C. Tew Fredericksburg.

Third Colonel G. Meares Do.

Fourth Colonel G. B. Anderson Manassas.

Fifth Colonel D. K. McRae Do.

Sixth Colonel W. D. Pender Do.

Seventh Colonel R. P. Campbell North Carolina.

Eighth Colonel H. M. Shaw Do.

Ninth (cavalry) Colonel R. Ransom, Jr. Camp of

Instruction, N. C.

Tenth (cavalry) Colonel S. B. Spruill Do.

Eleventh Colonel J. A. J. North Carolina.


Twelfth Colonel S. Williams Norfolk.

Thirteenth Lieut. Colonel W. S. Do.


fourteenth Colonel J. Daniel Do.

Fifteenth Colonel R. M. McKinney Yorktown.

Sixteenth Colonel Stephen Lee Army of



Seventeenth Colonel W. F. Martin North Carolina.

Eighteenth Colonel J. D. Do.


Nineteenth Colonel C. C. Lee Yorktown.

Twentieth Colonel A. Iverson, North Carolina.


Twenty-first Colonel W. W. Kirkland Manassas.

Twenty-second Colonel J. J. Fredericksburg.


Twenty-third Colonel John F. Hoke Manassas.

Twenty-fourth Colonel W. J. Clarke Lewisburg.

Twenty-fifth Colonel T. L. Clingman North Carolina.

Twenty-sixth Colonel Z. B. Vance Do.


First (rifles) Colonel James L. Orr South Carolina.

First Colonel Maxcy Gregg Norfolk.

Second Colonel J. B. Kershaw Manassas.

Third Colonel J. H. Williams Do.

Fourth Colonel J. B. E. Sloan Do.

Fifth Colonel M. Jenkins Do.

Sixth Colonel Charles S. Do.


Seventh Colonel T. G. Bacon Do.

Eighth Colonel E. b. C. Cash Do.

Ninth Colonel J. D. Blanding Do.

Twelfth Colonel R. G. M. Camp of

Dunovant Instruction,

Columbia, S. C.

Thirteenth Colonel O. E. Edwards Do.

Fifteenth Colonel W. D. De Do.


Hampton Legion Colonel Wade Hampton Manassas.

Battalion of Lieut. Colonel R. S. Charleston, S. C.

artillery Ripley


First (Provisional Colonel P. Turney Manassas.


Second (Provisional Colonel W. B. Bate Fredericksburg.


Third (Provisional Colonel John C. Manassas.

Army) Vaughan

Fourth (Provisional Colonel William M. With General

Army) Churchwell Zollicoffer

First Colonel George Maney

Second Colonel J. Knox Walker Fort Pillow, Tenn.

Third Colonel John C. Brown Camp of

Instruction, Union

City, Tenn.

Fourth Colonel R. P. Neely

Fifth . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

Sixth Colonel W. H. Stephens With General

Cheatham, near New

Madrid, Mo.

Seventh Colonel Robert Hatton

Eighth Colonel A. S. Fulton

Ninth Colonel H. L. Douglass With General


Tenth Colonel A. Heiman Fort Henry,

Tennessee River.

Eleventh Colonel James E. Rains With General


Twelfth Colonel R. M. Russell Columbus, Ky.

Thirteenth Colonel John V. Wright

Fourteenth Colonel W. A. Forbes

Fifteenth Colonel Charles M. With General

Carroll Cheatham

Sixteenth Colonel John H. Savage

Seventeenth Colonel T. W. Newman With General


Eighteenth Colonel Joseph B. Do.


Nineteenth Colonel D. H. Cummings Do.