War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0626 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Richmond, September 30, 1861.

General S. COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector General, Richmond:

GENERAL: In answer to an inquiry dated September 22, from the Honorable Secretary of War, I have the honor to submit the following reports, viz:

I. Statement of the whole number of first lieutenant in the C. S. Army, the whole number appointed to date, and the number of vacancies to be filled. *

II. Similar statement of second lieutenant.

III. Tabular statement of the regiments, battalions, and independent companies mustered into service from each State and their present location.

IV. Statement of generals who are in independent commands, with a list of the generals subordinate to them.

In regard to the clerical force in this Department, about which the Secretary inquires, I would respectfully suggest that temporary employment is now ready for at least three more clerks. The constant increase of papers and business cannot be attended to by the present force.

The returns from many States are so very incomplete and the commanders of regiments, &c., have been so remiss in forwarding muster-rolls and returns to this Department as to render a complete report out of our power. The State of North Carolina, furnishing twenty-six regiments, has only four regiments whose muster-rolls have been received. The State of Virginia, with over sixty-five regiments, has many rolls of independent companies which cannot be classified, from our ignorance of its regimental organizations. Return No. III gives as a total 254 regiments. Other regiments are organized and organizing which are yet unreported.

I am, sir, respectfully, your obedient servant,


III. -Statement of the regiments, battalions, and companies mustered into the service of the Confederate States.


Number of Commander Station

regiment or


First Colonel H. D. Clayton Pensacola

Second Colonel Henry Maury Fort Morgan

Third Colonel T. Lomax Norfolk

Fourth Colonel E. J. Jones Manassas.

Fifth Colonel R. E. Rodes Do.

Sixth Colonel J. J. Seibels Do.

Seventh Colonel S. A. M. Wood Pensacola.

Eighth Colonel John A. Winston Yorktown.

Ninth Colonel C. M. Wilcox Manassas.

Tenth Colonel John H. Forney Do.

Eleventh Colonel Sydenham Moore Do.

Twelfth Colonel Theodore O'Hara Do.

Thirteenth Colonel B. D. Fry Yorktown.

Fourteenth Colonel Thomas J. Judge Camp of Instruction,

Auburn, Ala.

Fifteenth Colonel James Cantey Manassas.

Sixteenth Colonel W. B. Wood Knoxville

Seventeenth Colonel Thomas H. Watts Camp of Instruction,

Shorter's Depot, Ala.

Eighteenth Colonel E. C. Bullock Camp of Instruction,

Auburn, Ala.

Nineteenth Colonel Joseph Wheeler Camp of Instruction,

Huntsville, Ala.


*Statements (here omitted) show 121 first lieutenants and 165 second lieutenants appointed, and 69 vacancies in the first lieutenancies and 95 vacancies in the second lieutenancies to be filled.