War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0623 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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September 27, 1861.


President of the Confederate States of America:

The returns of the war tax of the State of Louisiana have been completed for all the districts except six, and as to these six the circumstances of the country will prevent their completion for several months. An estimate has been made of the probable tax of these districts by the chief collector, and the aggregate for the whole State, including these districts, will amount to about $2,700,000, from which deduct 10 per cent., $27,000; net tax, $2,430,000; the State of Louisiana has paid into the Treasury 2,500,000; excess, $70,000. Assuming this statement to be nearly correct, the State has overpaid to this Government $70,000, and the Governor of Louisiana desires that amount to be refunded, subject to a final adjustment whenever the assessments and returns are all completed. The application is so reasonable that I beg to submit an estimate for the same, and to recommend that an appropriation be made for repaying the amount, subject to the final adjustment, as above stated.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of the Treasury.


Richmond, September 27, 1861.

Messrs. JOHN FRASER & CO.:

GENTLEMEN: I have your favor of the 23d instant. I understood from Mr. Hanckel that you proposed to place the Bermuda at the service of the Government by way of charter, and on conference with the Secretary of the Navy we concluded that we could employ her whole tonnage if the terms were mutually satisfactory. It was for that reason I telegraphed a request that you would send us some person authorized to contract for your house in the matter. Having said thus much by way of explanation, I now add thpprove of the arrangement made with you by General Ripley for bringing our 100,000 pounds of cannon-powder for the Government. I will not request from you, under the circumstances, any further attention in behalf of the Government, satisfied from your known zeal and patriotism that your house in Liverpool will aid our agents there in any manner in their power, and Captain Huse will receive renewed instructions to apply to them, in full confidence that they will cheerfully facilitate any arrangements he may desire to make.

Your obedient servant,


Acting Secretary of War.

[SEPTEMBER 28, 1861. -For Pettus to A. S. Johnston, in relation to a call for 10,000 troops from Mississippi, &c., see Series I, VOL. IV, p. 431.]