War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0617 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Richmond, September 24, 1861.

Colonel A. C. MYERS,

Acting Quartermaster-General:

SIR: The number of engines and cars on the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad is totally inadequate to the transportation service of the Government. Both engines and cars are required. The number of engines required is six, at least twenty-six tons. The number of cars required is seventy box-cars. The two companies supposed to have the largest available means now disposable for this purpose are the Western and Atlantic Railroad Company, of Georgia, and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. You are instructed to make immediate effort by one of your efficient officers to obtain from those companies by contract the engines and cars thus imperatively required for the public service. If unable to obtain them by contract you are authorized to impress them and have a just estimate of their value made, to serve as a basis of settlement with the owners.

Your obedient servant,


Acting Secretary of War.

RICHMOND, September 25, 1861.

Colonel W. S. ASHE,

Richmond, Va.:

SIR: Under the authority of the War Department to provide the means of increasing the motive power and rolling-stock on the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad you will please proceed to the Western and Atlantic Railroad and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and procure from one or the other, or both, six locomotives and seventy boxcars, if that number be required, and have them placed under the orders of Campbell Wallace, who has taken charge of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad. You will please contract for the purchase of the engines and cars, if it can be done on such terms as you consider fair. If you cannon purchase you are authorized to impress the engines and cars and have them appraised so that they may be paid for by the Government of the Confederate States.


Acting Quartermaster-General.

[SEPTEMBER 25, 1861. -For Bragg to Benjamin, with reference to appointments of officers from the old United States service, see Series I, VOL. VI, p. 744.]


Savannah, September 25, 1861.

General S. COOPER,

Adjutant-General, Richmond, Va.:

GENERAL: As no instructions have been sent me in reference to the rifled cannon and small-arms which arrived here by the steamer Bermuda, and there are thousands of unarmed men offering to organize for the defense of this coast, I have taken possession of such portion of these arms as are understood to belong to the Confederate