War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0586 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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SEC. 3. That proof shall be made in all cases by proper vouchers to the satisfaction of the Auditor that the amount claimed was actually advanced or expended, that the amount claimed was actually advanced or expended, that the expenditure was proper, and no greater amount for pay and services shall be audited than is allowed by the like cases, and the Auditor shall make a special report of his action under this law to the Congress at its next session.

SEC. 4. The Secretary of the Treasury shall cause notice to be forwarded to the Executive of each of the States of this Confederacy, immediately after the passage of this act, calling on such Executive to forward the claims which may be held by his State, subject to be audited under the provisions of this act.

Approved August 30, 1861.

AN ACT to provide for the defense of the Mississippi River.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the President be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause such floating defenses as he may deem best adapted to the protection of the Mi against a descent of iron-plated steam gun-boats, to be constructed or prepared with the least possible delay.

Approved August 30, 1861.

AN ACT for the sequestration of the estates, property, and effects of alien enemies, and for the indemnity of citizens of the Confederate States and persons aiding the same in the existing war with the United States.

Whereas, the Government and people of the United States have departed from the usages of civilized warfare in confiscating and destroying the property of the people of the Confederate States of all kinds, whether used for military purposes or not; and

Whereas, our only protection against such wrongs is to be found in such measures of retaliation as will ultimately indemnify our own citizens for their losses, and restrain the wanton excesses of our enemies; Therefore,

Be it enacted by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That all and every the lands, tenements and hereditaments, goods and chattels, rights and credits within these Confederate States, and every right and interest therein held, owned, possessed, or enjoyed by or for any alien enemy as may have been paid into the treasury of any one of the Confederate States prior to the passage of this law, be, and the same are hereby, sequestrated by the Confederate States of America, and shall be held for the full indemnity of any true and loyal citizen or resident of these Confederate States, or other person aiding said Confederate States in the precaution of the present war between said Confederate States and the United States of America, and for which he may suffer any loss or injury under the act of the United States to which this act is retaliatory, or under any other act of the United States, or of any State thereof authorizing the seizure, condemnation, or confiscation of the property of citizens or residents of the Confederate States, or other person aiding said Confederate States, and the same shall be seized and disposed of as provided for in this act: Provided, howetate, property, or rights to be affected