War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0577 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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into service said companies, battalions, or regiments may be attached to such brigades or divisions as the President may determine; and the President shall have power to appoint field officers for all battalions and regiments organized out of separate companies mustered into service, and to add to battalions a sufficient number of separate companies to complete their organization into regiments, and to appoint the additional field officers necessary for the complete organization of the regiments so formed; and all vacancies that may occur amongst the commissioned officers of troops mustered into service under this act shall be filled in the manner provided in the act entitled "An act for the establishment and organization of the Army of the Confederate States of America," approved sixth March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.

SEC. 2. That the State of Missouri shall be admitted a member of the Confederate States of America, upon an equal footing with the other States, under the Constitution for the Provisional Government of the same, upon the condition that the said Constitution for the Provisional Government of the Confederate States shall be adopted and ratified by the property and legally constituted authorities of said State; and the Governor of said State shall transmit to the President of the Confederate States an authentic copy of the proceedings touching said adoption and ratification by said State of said Provisional Constitution; upon the receipt whereof the President, by proclamation, shall announce the fact; whereupon and without any further proceedings upon the part of Congress the admission of said State of Missouri into this Confederacy under said Constitution for the Provisional Government of the Confederate States shall be considered as complete; and the laws of this Confederacy shall be thereby extended over said State of Missouri as fully and completely as over other States now composing the same.

SEC. 3. That the Congress of the Confederate States recognize the government of which Claiborne F. Jackson is the Chief Magistrate to be the legally elected and regularly constituted government of the people and State of Missouri; and that the President of the Confederate States be, and he is hereby, empowered, at his discretion, at any time prior to the admission of said State as a member of this Confederacy, to perfect and proclaim an alliance, offensive and defensive, with the said government, limited to the period of the existing war between this Confederacy and the United States; the said treaty or alliance to be in force from the date thereof, and until the same shall be disaffirmed or rejected by this Congress.

Approved August 20, 1861.




Commissioners, &c., London:

GENTLEMEN: With the view of affording you every possible facility for the accomplishment of your difficult and precarious mission, this Department has from time to time communicated to you such suggestions with regard to the means of importing arms, &c., as had come within its possession and were likely to be of use to you in the formation of your plans. A suggestion of this character has just been