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different points, and the efforts of this department, hitherto successful, will be abortive unless funds of a character such as will be received by dealers are furnished from the Treasury. The agent for the department in Atlanta, Mr. Shackelford, has industriously collected from the counties around much salt meat and other articles, always and everywhere cash transactions. HE has acted on the credit of this Government, and I made a requisition for $62,678. 99 on the 13th of August, in Treasury notes, which are alone available for cash articles. Bonds have been sent to him and he can make no further purchases. Captain Schaaff, in charge of the depot at Nashville, writes that only bankable funds are received for provisions, and that he has lost coffee already agreed upon because he could not use bonds, which are not bankable. I have just made a requisition for $200,000 for purchase of subsistence stores at Nashville on estimates prepared by Captain Shaaff. If the Secretary of the Treasury cannot furnish the notes, then let some soon as practicable. Perhaps the banks may receive that. An arrangement of the necessity, not remedy it. Captain Palfrey, in New Orleans, states that the credit of the Government is suffering, and that he has been required by person who have sold supplies to return in kind what remains unused as part payment suffice at that point, and is all-important. The alleged reason for the issued of bonds in lieu of Treasury notes is that there is some reason for the issue of bonds in lieu of Treasury notes is that there is some difficulty in the engraving.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Commissary-General of Subsistence.

Your early attention to this important communication would greatly benefit the public service and oblige, very respectfully,


Secretary of War.

CANTON, August 19, 1861.


DEAR SIR: Under the requisition of the Secretary of War for 3,000 men to be thrown into camp of instruction at two different points in this State as Georgia's quota of 30,000 to be thrown into camp of instruction, I have ordered two regiments of 800 men each into camp at Camp McDonald, near Marietta. On Tuesday, the 27th instant, they will rendezvous. I have also ordered two regiments into camp at Camp Stephens, near Griffin, to rendezvous at the same time. This will be some 200 more than you required, but I supposed that would not be meant raised by Colonel E. W. Chastain, of Fannin County, who is very anxious to have them thrown into camp with the regiments at Camp McDonald, and there drilled. His company was from the mountain section of the State, and was made up of first rate fighting material. Colonel Chastain is very anxious to have his regiment received and ordered into camp. I have not arms and cannot arm them. He is of opinion he could get up enough of country rifles to arm half his regiment. Of this, however, he cannot be positive. He will only promise to do to best he can. Will you, under these circumstances, consent that Colonel Chastain's regiment be accepted and added to the other two regiments which are to compose the force in camp at Camp McDonald? An early answer will much oblige. I trust you will send forward the necessary officers to drill the regiments which go into camp on the 27th, and that you will cause full instructions to be sent at once, if not already done, to quartermasters and commissaries, that they may know how to get supplies, camp equiPAGE, &c. I should be glad to equip these men for the Confederacy, but find my appropriations running so short that it will not be in my power. Some of them