War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0567 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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in our opinion are required, but it may be that we shall consider it important to prevent their falling into the hands of the enemy by purchasing them for the Confederacy. The statistics of the Italian war go to prove that the mortality is no greater with rifled arms than with smooth-bored barrels, and that the latter in the hands of disciplined troops would be quite as good as the best Enfield rifle. Whether the troops of the Confederate Army would have that confidence in such arms as would make them efficient is a question which we do not feel called upon to answer. If we could obtain these arms by giving an order on the Confederate Government in payment we should not hesitate to purchase them. They must, however, be paid for in cash--as, indeed, must everything else required in war at the present time. It is to be hoped that remittances have been sent forward before this, for I have entered into contracts which will require some 25 per cent. more than the amount which I have received, and I shall be compelled to pledge a portion of the property already purchased unless I receive money before the payments become due.

The agent for the Navy Department has co-operated with me, and all the small-arms that have been obtained by either are of the same caliber--that of the Enfield rifle, and sufficiently near to that of the Harper's Ferry rifle to admit of the same ammunition being used for both. Not feeling that there is any certainty of my letter being received by the War Department without having first been opened, I shall state what has been done in terms that can only be understood by the Department. Referring to Schedule A, inclosed with my orders, dated April 17, I shall have ready by the 1st of August 40 per cent. of the first-named article, 40 per cent. (two-fifths) of the third named, and material for as many more. There will also be ready at the same time accouterments in number nearly equal to the muskets purchased. The shipping of the articles will be left in the hands of the agent of the Navy Department. Everything purchased is of the best quality, and has been obtained at as low prices as the condition of the market permitted. By the end of October we shall have one purchases forwarded to me by letter to Liverpool. Every other article excepting the first named can be obtained without difficulty. All the preliminary arrangements for securing them from the best establishments in England have already been made.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

C. H.

The gentleman who sailed in a small vessel form Savannah requests me to say that his last letter to the Department was dated July 6.

AN ACT to authorize the issue of Treasury notes and to provide a war tax for their redemption.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized, from time, as the public necessities may require, to issue Treasury notes, payable to bearer at the expiration of six months after the ratification of the treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States, the said notes to be of any denomination not less than $5, and to be reissuable at pleasure until the same are payable; but