War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0553 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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and bands, or if any one of them injures a white man or a Choctaw or Chickasaw no private revenge or retaliation shall take place, nor shall the Choctaws or Chickasaws try the person who does the wrong, and punish him in their courts, but he shall be tried and punished by the Confederate States; and the life of every person belonging to said tribes and bands shall be of the same value as the life of a white man; and any Indian or white man who kills one of them without cause shall be hung by the neck until he is dead.

ART. XXVI. In case either of the bands of the Ne-um, with whom this convention is made, should not consent to come in and settle, and should prefer to continue to live as they have heretofore, then there shall still be peace and friendship between them and the people of the Confederate States and the Cherokees, Mus-ko-kis, Seminoles, Choctaws, and Chickasaws, and all the tribes and bands settled upon reserves in the country aforesaid; and all of the same shall travel, without injury or molestation, thorough the hunting-grounds of the Ne-um, and shall be treated with kindness and friendship.

ART. XXVII. It is further hereby agreed by the Confederate States that all the Texan troops now within the limits of said leased country shall be withdrawn across Red River, and that no Texas troop shall hereafter be stationed in forts or garrisons in the said country, or be sent into the same, except in the service of the Confederate States and when on the warpath against the Cai-a-was or other hostile Indians.

ART. XXVIII. It is further agreed by the chiefs and headmen of the bands of the Ne-um who have signed this convention that upon their return to their bands they will take this talk and the wampum of peace from the Confederate States and from the Mus-ko-kis, Seminoles, Choctaws, and Chickasaws to the bands of the Ne-um, and tell them what they have seen and heard, and persuade them also, if they can, to come in and settle upon reserves in the leased country, and at any rate to make peace by the time when the leaves fall before the next snows.

ART. XXIX. It is agreed by the parties that the making of this convention shall in nowise interrupt the friendly relations between the Ne-um and the people of Mexico, and that the Confederate States desire that perfect peace should exist between the Ne-um and all the Mexicans.

ART. XXX. This convention shall be obligatory on the bands whose chiefs and headmen sign the same from the day of its date, and on the Confederate States from and after its ratification by the proper authority.

In perpetual testimony whereof the said Albert Pike, as commissioner with plenary powers of the Confederate States of America to the Indian nations and tribes west of Arkansas, for and on behalf of the said Confederate States, doth now hereunto set his hand and affix the seal of his arms; and Qui-na-hi-wi, or the Drinking Eagle, chief of the No-co-ni band of the Ne-um, and the undesigned headmen of the same, for and in behalf of that band; and the same Qui-na-hi-wi, chief of the No-co-nis, by special authorization and direction of Po-ho-wi-ti-quas-so, or Iron Shirt, the chief of the Ta-ne-I-weh band of the Ne-um, who has been present, but is now absent mourning for a relative deceased, with Ke-e-na-toh-pa, a headman of the Ta-ne-I-weh band, for and on behalf of the same; and Te-hi-a-quah, chief of the Ya-pa-rih-ca band of the Ne-um, with the undersigned headmen