War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0552 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the same things, in all respects, are also hereby offered the Cai-a-was and agreed to be given them if they will settle in said country, atone for the murders and robberies they have lately committed, and show a resolution to lead an honest life; to which end the Confederate States send the Cai-a-was with this talk the wampum of peace and the bullet of war, for them to take their choice now and for all time to come.

ART. XXII. The Confederate States hereby guarantee to the members of the aforesaid four bands full indemnity for any horses or any other property that may be killed or stolen from them by any citizen of the Confederate States or by any other Indians: Provided, That the property, if stolen, cannot be recovered and restored, and that sufficient proof is produced to satisfy the agent that it was killed or stolen within the limits of the Confederate States.

ART. XXIII. The Seminoles having asked the Confederate States to pay them for certain horses stolen from them by some of the Ne-um two years ago, and which the Untied States were bound to pay for if they could not be recovered, the Confederate States have accordingly agreed to do so, at the time of making the treaty lately with the Seminoles; and they do hereby agree, in order that the Ne-um may not hereafter be troubles about the horses so taken, to pay for them the sums, and to the persons mentioned in the schedule thereof hereunto annexed, marked B; * but as the Seminoles allege that one or more of their horses is now here in the possession of some of the No-co-ni, Ta-ne-I-weh, Ya-pa-rih-ca, or Co-cho-tih-ca band of Ne-um, it is agreed that, if it be so, such horse or horses shall be given up and the person in possession shall be compensated for the loss of the same. To this end the chiefs will let the Seminoles see all their horses; and after this time it is distinctly understood that no one can get any right to property by stealing it, and that no compensation will ever again be made to any one who has given up stolen property. And the Confederate States to hereby agree with the several persons from whom horses were stolen, and the heirs of such of them as are deceased, and whose names are found in the said Schedule B,* hereunto annexed, that they will pay, immediately upon the ratification of this treaty, through the agent for the Seminoles, the amount of loss sustained by each respectively, accordingly to the said schedule, except for such horses as may be returned as above provided for and noted as returned on the said schedule.

ART. XXIV. If any difficulty should hereafter arise between any of the other tribes or bands settled on reserves, in consequence of the killing of any one, of the stealing or killing of horses, cattle, or other stock, or of injury in any other way to person or property, the same shall be submitted to the agent of the Confederate States, who shall settle and decide the same equitably and justly, to which settlement all parties agree to submit, and such atonement and satisfaction shall be made as he shall direct.

ART. XXV. In order that the friendship which now exists between the said several tribes country, and the Choctaws and Chickasaws and the people of the Confederate States, may not be interrupted by the conduct of individuals, it is hereby agreed that if any white man or any Choctaw or Chickasaw injures an Indian of any one of said tribes