War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0551 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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the agent shall estimate for and the superintendent require of all such articles as are mentioned and constrained in schedule hereunto annexed, marked A,* to be issued and delivered to them by the agent.

ART. XVI. The Confederate States will maintain one agency for the tribes and bands now settled upon the reserves in the said leased country and for the said four bands and all the other bands of the Ne-um that may settle therein, which agency shall be kept either at the present agency house or some other convenient location, at which the agent shall continually reside; and they do promise the said four bands and all the other bands of the Ne-um that may settle in reserves that they shall never be abandoned by the agent and that he shall not be often nor for any long time away from his agency.

ART. XVII. The Confederate States will employ and pay one interpreter for all the bands of the Ne-um settled upon the reserves; and an additional blacksmith, another striker, and another striker, and another wagon-maker shall be employed for the bands of the Ne-um alone, when the said four bands of the Ne-um shall have come in and settle upon reserves. The interpreter, blacksmith, striker, and wagon-maker shall reside with some one of the bands. The Confederate States will also furnish, from time to time, such tools and such supplies of iron, steel, and wood as may be needed for the work of the said bands, and will also furnish them with medicines and medical advice at the agency, where a physician shall be employed to reside for their benefit exclusively. And they will also employ for five years, and as much longer as the President shall please, a farmer for each reserve, to instruct them in cultivating the soil, so that they may soon be able to feed themselves; and will erect such a number of horse-mills to grind their corn as the superintended shall consider to be necessary in order to accommodate all.

ART. XVIII. The Confederate States also agree to erect such buildings for the mills, and the blacksmith shops, and houses for the farmers, interpreters, and physicians as have been erected among the other Indian tribes, and also to assist the said Indian as in building houses for themselves, and in digging wells for water, and opening their lands.

ART. XIX. The said four bands agree to remain upon their reserves, when they shall have settled thereon, and not, at any time, to leave then in order to make crops elsewhere. And if they should leave them the Confederate States shall not be bound any longer to feed them or make them presents or give them any assistance.

ART. XX. The Confederate States also agree to furnish each warrior of the said four bands who has not a gun with a flint-lock rifle and ammunition, which he agrees never to sell or give away; and the Confederate States will punish any trader or other while man who may purchase one from them.

ART. XXI. The Confederate States will invite all the other bands of the Ne-um or Comanches to abandon their wandering life and settle within the leased country aforesaid; and do promise them, in that case, the same protection and care as is hereby promised to the tribes and bands now residing therein; and that there shall be allotted to them reserves of good land, of sufficient extent, to be held and owned by them forever; and that all the other promises made by these articles shall be considered as made to them also, as well as to the tribes and bands now residing on reserves; and that the same presents shall be made to them and assistance given them in all respects; and