War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0550 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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ART. X. It is distinctly understood by the said four bands of the Ne-um that the State of Texas is one of the Confederate States and joins in this convention, and signs it when the commissioner signs it, and is bound by it; and that all hostilities and enmities between it and them are now ended and are to be forgotten and forgiven forever on both sides.

ART. XI. None of the braves of the said four bands of the Ne-um shall go upon the warpath after they are settled upon reserves against any enemy whatever, or as guides to any war party, except with the knowledge and consent of the agent, nor hold any councils or talks with any white men or other Indians without his knowledge and consent. And the Confederate States will not permit improper persons to live among them, but only such persons as are employed by the Confederate States and traders licensed by them, who shall sell to the Indians and buy from them at fair prices, under such regulations as the President shall make.

ART. XII. To steal a horse or any other article of property from another Indian or white man shall hereafter be considered disgraceful, and the chiefs will discountenance it by every means in their power. For if they should not there never could be any permanent peace.

ART. XIII. If there should be among the No-co-nis, Ta-ne-I-wehs, Ya-pa-rih-cas, or Co-cho-tih-cas any white prisoner or prisoners it is agreed that they shall be delivered up when come in to settle; and that if they can peaceably procure possession of any that may be held by any other band of the Ne-um, or by the Cai-a-was or any other Prairie tribe, they will also bring them in to be restored to liberty. And the Confederate States agree that if any prisoners are so brought in and restored, suitable rewards shall be given the band that brings in the restored, suitable rewards shall be given the band that brings them in for doing so. But this article creates no obligation to deliver up Mexicans who may be prisoners.

ART. XIV. The Confederate States also agree that if there be any person or persons held as prisoners in Texas or any other of the Confederate States, or in the Cherokee, Mus-ko-ki, Seminole, Choctaw, or Chickasaw Nations, who are of the Ne-um or Comanches, that all such persons shall be set free and delivered up and restored to their band without charge or expense to the Ne-um.

ART. XV. The Confederate States ask nothing of the bands of the Ne-um, except that they will settle upon their reserves, become industrious, prepare to support themselves, and live in peace and quietness; and in order to encourage and assist them in their endeavors to become able to support themselves the Confederate States agree to furnish them rations of provisions in the same manner as they are now doing for the Wichitas and other tribes and bands settled upon reserves, to include also sugar and coffee, salt, soap, and vinegar, for such time as may be necessary to enable them to feed themselves. They agree to furnish each of the said bands of the Ne-um with twenty cows and calves for every fifty persons contained in the same, and one bull for every forty cows and calves; and also other stock, at the discretion of the superintendent, when they desire to have the same; all of which animals shall be distributed by the agent to such persons and families as shall, in his judgment, be most likely to take care of them. And they also agree to furnish for the use of the said bands of the Ne-um such number of draft oxen, wagons, carts, plows, shovels, hoes, pickaxes, spades, scythes, rakes, axes, and seeds as may be necessary to enable them to farm successfully. They also agree to furnish the said bands of the Ne-um annually with such quantities as