War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0547 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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ARTICLE SUPPLEMENTARY to the convention between the Confederate States of America and the Pen-e-tegh-ca band of Ne-um or Comanches, Wichitas, Cado-Ha-da-chos, and other bands settled upon reserves, made and concluded at the Wichita Agency, near the False Washita River, on the twelfth day of August, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.

ARTICLE. It being well known to all surrounding tribes and universally acknowledge that, from time immemorial, the Ta-wa-I-hash people of Indians, now called by white men the Wichitas, and of whom the Hue-cos and Ta-hua-ca-ros are offshoots, possessed and inhabited, to the exclusion of all other tribes and bands of Indians, the whole country lying between the Red River and the False Washita, from their junction to the west of the Wichita Mountains, and with the aid of the Ta-ne-I-weh band of the Ne-um held all that country against all comers, and had their villages and fields in the valleys of the Wichita Mountains and upon the creeks, and there cultivated the soil, raised stock, and led an industrious life; all of which facts were known to the commissioner of the Confederate States twenty-nine years ago;

And the United States of America, having, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty, and by subsequent renewals of the grant, ceded the whole of that country to the Choctaws, and having afterward, by patent, conveyed and assured the same to them in fee, and they having made the Chickasaws joint and equal owners of the same with themselves, whereby the same has been wholly lost to the Ta-wa-I-hash, except such small portion thereof as has been assigned to them by way of reserve, and no compensation whatever has been made from thereof, although they respectfully presented their claim on account of the same to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs of the United States and appealed to that Government for payment of some reasonable price for their said country, to be paid them in such manner as should be most for their benefit and improvement;

And the commissioner knowing that their claim to compensation is a just one, and seeing how poor and helpless they are, and being willing to save them from the necessity of employing persons to urge their claim and of dividing with them what they may receive, but not deeming himself authorized to decide what amount shall be allowed them therefor, nor in what manner it shall be paid:

It is therefore hereby agreed by the Confederate States that the

claim of the Ta-wa-I-hash or Wichitas to compensation for their country, between the Red River and the False Washita, shall be submitted to the President for his consideration, who, if he also agrees that it is just, shall determine what amount shall be paid or allowed them in satisfaction thereof, and in what manner that amount shall be paid; and that amount shall accordingly be paid them in such manner as he shall direct.

In testimony whereof the said Albert Pike, commissioner of the Confederate States of America to the Indian nations and tribes west of Arkansas, doth hereunto set his hand, on behalf of the said Confederate States, and affix the seal of his arms.

So done and signed and sealed at Wichita Agency, near the False Washita River, on the thirteenth day of August in the year first aforesaid.



Commissioner of the Confederate States to the Indian Nations and Tribes West of Arkansas.


Secretary of Commissioner.