War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0546 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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ART. XXIV. It is further hereby agreed by the Confederate States that all the Texan troops now within the limits of the said leased country shall hereafter be stationed in forts or garrisons in the said country or be sent into the same, except in the service of the Confederate States and when on the war path against the Cai-a-was or other hostile Indians.

ART. XXV. This convention shall be obligatory on the tribes and bands whose chiefs and headmen signed the same from the same day of its date, and on the Confederate States from and after its ratification by the proper authority.

In perpetual testimony whereof the said Albert Pike, as commissioner with plenary powers of the Confederate States of America to the Indian nations and tribes west of Arkansas, for and on behalf of the said Confederate States, doth now hereunto set his hand and affix and on behalf of their respective tribes and bands, do now hereunto respectively set their hands and affix their seals.

Done at the Wichita Agency aforesaid on this the twelfth day of August, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.



Commissions of the Confederate States to the Indian Nations and Tribes West of Arkansas.

Ke-ka-re-wa, principal chief of the Pen-e-tengh-ca band of the Ne-um; To-sa-wi, second chief of the Pen-e-tegh-ca band of the Ne-um; Ca-ca-dia, second chief of the Hue-cos; Te-ats, sub-chief of the Hue-cos; O-chi-ras, principal chief of the Ta-hua-ca-ros; Pa-in-hot-sa-ma, war chief of the Pen-e-tegh-ca band of the Ne-um; I-sa-do-wa, principal chief of the Wichitas; A-wa-he, second chief of the Wichitas; A-sa-ca-ra, chief of the Wichitas; Ta-nah, principal chief of the Cado-Ha-da-chos; Tai-o-tun, second chief of the Cado-Ha-da-chos; Cha-wah-un, captain of the Cado-Ha-da-chos; Cha-wah-un, captain of the Cado-Ha-da-chos; A-he-dat, principal chief of the Hue-cos; Sam Houston, second chief of the Ta-hua-ca-ros; Ca-shao, principal chief of the Ai-o-nais; Jose Maria, principal chief of the A-na-dagh-cos; Co-se-mu-so, second chief of the A-na-dagh-cos; Ke-se-mira, captain of the Ton-ca-wes; Ki-is-qua, second chief of the Ki-chais; John Linny, chief of the Delawares.

Signed, sealed, and copied exchanged in presence of us.

Wm. Quesenbury, secretary to the commissioner; E. Rector, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Confederate States; M. Leeper, agent of the Confederate States for the Wichitas and other bands; Motey Kinnaird, principal chief of the Mus-ko-kis; John Jumper, principal chief of the Seminoles; Chilly McIntosh, Israel G. Vore, W. Warren Johnston, W. L. Pike, H. P. Jones, Charles B. Johnston, J. J. Sturm, Wm. Shirley, W. H. Faulkner.

(To the Indian names are subjoined marks.)