War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0545 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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ART. XVIII. The said bands and tribes agree to remain upon their reserves, and not at any time to leave them in order to make crops elsewhere. And if they should leave them the Confederate States shall not be bound any longer to feed them or make them presents or give them any assistance.

ART. XIX. The Confederate States also agree to furnish each warrior of the said tribes and bands who has not a gun with a flint-lock rifle and ammunition, which he agrees never to sell or give away; and the Confederate States will punish any trader or other white man who may purchase one from them.

ART. XX. The Confederate States invite all the other bands of the Ne-um or Comanches to abandon their wandering life and settle within the leased country aforesaid, and do promise them in that case the same protection and care as is hereby promised to said tribes and bands now residing therein; and that there shall be allotted to them reserves of good land, of sufficient extent, to be held and owned by them forever; and that all the other promises made by these articles shall be considered as made to them also, as well as to the tribes and bands now residing on reserves; and that the same present s shall be made them and assistance given them in all respects; and the same things in all respects are hereby also offered the Cai-a-was and agreed to be given them if they will settle in said country, atone for the murders and robberies they have lately committed, and show a resolution to lead an honest life; to which end the Confederate States send the Cai-a-was with this talk the wampum of peace and the bullet of war, for them to take their choice now and for all time to come.

ART. XXI. The Confederate States hereby guarantee to the members of the aforesaid tribes and bands full indemnity for any horses or any other property that may be killed or stolen from them by any citizen of the Confederate States, or by Indians of any other tribe or band: Provided, That the property, if stolen, cannot be recovered and restored, and that sufficient proof is produced to satisfy the agent that it was killed or stolen within the limits of the Confederate States.

ART. XXII. If any difficulty should hereafter arise between any of the bands or tribes in consequence of the killing of any one, of the stealing or killing of horses, cattle, or other stock, or of injury in any other way to person or property, the same shall be submitted to the agent of the Confederate States, who shall settle and decide the same equitably and justly, to which settlement all parties agree to submit, and such atonement and satisfaction shall be made as he shall direct.

ART. XXIII. In order that the friendship which now exists between the said several tribes and bands of Indians and the people of the Confederate States and of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations may not be interrupted by the conduct of individuals, it is hereby agreed that if any white man or any Choctaw or Chickasaw injures an Indian of any one of said tribes and bands, or if any one of them injures a white man or a Choctaw or Chickasaw, no private revenge or retaliation shall take place, nor shall the Choctaws or Chickasaws try the shall be tried and punished by the Confederate States; and the life of every person belonging to said tribes and bands shall be of the same value as the life of a white man; and any Indian or white man who kills one of them without cause shall be hung by the neck until he is dead.