War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0544 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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and the chief will discountenance it by every means in their power. For if they should not there never could be any permanent peace.

ART. XIV. The Confederate States ask nothing of the Pen-e-tegh-cas, Wichitas, Cado-Ha-da-chos, Hue-cos, Ta-hua-ca-ros, A-na-dagh-cos, Ton-ca-wes, Ai-o-nais, Ki-chais, Shawnees, and Delawares, except that they will settle upon their reserves, become industrious, and prepare to support themselves, and live in peace in peace and quietness; and in order to encourage and assist them in their endeavors to become able to support themselves, the Confederate States agree to continue to furnish them rations of provisions in the same manner as they are now doing, to include, also, sugar and coffee, salt, soap, and vinegar, for such time as may be necessary to enable them to feed themselves. They agree to furnish each tribe or band with twenty cows and calves for every fifty persons contained in the same, and one bull for every forty cows and calves; and also to furnish to al of said tribes and bands together 250 stock hogs, all of which animals shall be distributed by the agent to such persons and families as shall, in his judgment, be most proper to receive them and most likely to take care of them. And they also agree to furnish, for the use of the use of the said tribes and bands, such number of draft-oxen, wagons, carts, plows, shovels, hoes, pickaxes, spares, scythes, rakes, axes, and seeds as may be necessary, in addition to their present supply, to enable them to farm successfully. They also agree to furnish each tribe or band annually with such quantities as the agent shall estimate for, and the superintendent require, of all such articles as are mentioned and contained in the schedule hereunto annexed, marked A; * to be issued and delivered to them, by the agent.

ART. XV. The Confederate States will maintain one agency for the said tribes and bands at the present agency house or some other suitable and convenient location, at which the agent shall continually reside; and they do promise the said tribes and bands that they shall never be abandoned by the agent, and that he shall not be often nor for any long time away from his agency.

ART. XVI. The Confederate States will also employ and pay an interpreter for each language spoken among the said tribes and bands, and also one blacksmith, who shall also be a gunsmith, one striker, and one wagon-maker, for all; all of whom shall reside at the agency; and they will furnish all the people of said tribes and bands who may be sick with medicines and medical service at the agency, where a physician shall be employed to reside for their benefit exclusively. They will also employ for five years, and as much longer as the President shall please, a farmer for each reserve to instruct the Indians in cultivating the soil, so that they may soon be able to feed themselves; and will erect such a number of horse-mills to grind their corn as the superintendent shall consider to be necessary, in order to accommodate all. And the stock and animals to be given to the tribes and bands shall be in charge of the farmers, that they may not be foolishly killed or left to perish by neglect.

ART. XVII. The Confederate States also agree to erect such buildings for the mills, and the blacksmith shops, and houses for the farmers and interpreters, as have been erected among the other Indian tribes, and also to assist the said Indians in building houses for themselves, and in digging wells for water, and opening their lands.