War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0543 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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ART. V. Each or band shall have the right to possess, occupy, and use the reserve allotted to it as long as grass shall grow and water run, and the reserves shall be their own property, like their horses and cattle.

ART. VI. The members of all the said several bands and tribes of Indians shall have the right, henceforward forever, to hunt and kill game in all the unoccupied part of the said leased country without let or molestation from any quarter.

ART. VII. There shall be perpetual peace and brotherhood between the Pen-e-tegh-ca band of the Ne-um or Comanches, and the tribes and bands of the Wichitas, Cado-Ha-da-chos, Hue-cos, Ta-hua-ca-ros, A-na-dagh-cos, Ton-ca-wes, Ai-o-nais, Ki-chais, Shawnees, and Delawares, between each of them and each and all of the others; and every injury or act of hostility which either has heretofore sustained at the hands of the other shall be forgiven and forgotten.

ART. VIII. The said several tribes and bands shall henceforth be good neighbors to each other, and there shall be a free and friendly intercourse among them. And it is hereby agreed by all that the horses, cattle, and other stock and property of each tribe or band and of every person of each, is his or its own, and that no tribe or band nor any person belonging to any tribe or band shall, or will hereafter, kill, take away, or injure any such property of another tribe or band or of any member of any other tribe or band, or in any other way do them any harm.

ART. IX. There shall be perpetual peace and brotherhood between each and all of said tribes and bands and the Cherokee, Mus-ko-ki, Seminole, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Nations; and the chiefs and head-men of each of the said tribes and bands shall do all in their power to take and return any negroes, horses, or other property stolen from white men or from persons who belong to the Cherokee, Mus-ko-ki, Seminole, Choctaw, or Chickasaw Nation, and to catch and give up any person among them who may kill or steal or do any other very wrong thing.

ART. X. None of the laws of the Choctaws and Chickasaws shall ever be in force in the said leased country so as to affect any of the members of the said several tribes and bands, but only as to their own people who may settle therein; and they shall never interfere in any way with the reserves, improvements, or property of the reserve Indians.

ART. XI. It is distinctly understood by the said several tribes and bands that the State of Texas is one of the Confederate States, and joins this convention, and signs it when the commissioner signs it, and is bound by it; and that all hostilities and enmities between it and them are now ended and are to be forgotten and forgiven on both sides.

ART. XII. None of the braves of the said tribes and bands shall go upon the warpath against any enemy whatever, except with the consent of the agent, nor hold any councils or talks with any white men or other Indians without his knowledge and consent. And the Confederate States will not permit improper persons to live among them, but only such persons as are employed by the Confederate States and traders licensed by them, who shall sell to the Indians and buy from them at fair prices, under such regulations as the President shall make.

ART. XIII. To steal a horse or any other article of property form an Indian or a white man shall hereafter be considered disgraceful,