War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0536 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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of winter clothing for our soldiers and presenting the generals action of the citizens of Lincoln County thereon. In answer it gives me pleasure to inform you that this Department has not been unmindful of the matter engaging your solicitude, and since the receipt of your communication it has been further revolved in my mind. The inclosed copy of a circular letter addressed to each Governor of the Confederate States will bring to your knowledge my action in the premises. * You will see that in the absence of positive affirmative legislation on the subject I have assumed the responsibility of directing the Quartermaster-General of the War Department to contract for all good and substantial winter clothing he may be able to procure. But although every exertion will be put forth here to supply with comfortable winter clothing the needs of our soldiery, yet, for the reasons states by yourselves, there will be great difficulty in securing abundant supplies; and in view of the possible deficiencies that may exist, notwithstanding our best exertions, each State Executive has been requested to bring actively to the aid of this Department his own quartermaster establishment, to the extent of supplying the volunteers in our service from the State especially represented by each one of them so far as it can be done. We sincerely trust that all of them will co-operate with us and that all good citizens will co-operate with them. It would be best for you to transmit to His Excellency Isham G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, the proceedings of the citizens of Lincoln County you have sent to me, and to lend him that generous assistance you have proffered here. That he will be an earnest co-worker with myself I have no doubt.

Highly appreciating your motives, your feelings, and your resolutions, I remain, gentlemen, with high regard and consideration,


Secretary of War.

AN ACT to authorize the President of the Confederate States to grant commissions to raise volunteer regiments and battalions composed of persons who are or have been residents of the States of Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the President of the Confederate States be, and he is hereby, authorized to grant commissions to officers above the grade of captain to such persons as he may think fit, to raise and command volunteer regiments and battalions for the service of the Confederate States, said regiments and battalions to be composed of persons who are or have been residents of the States of Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, or Delaware, and who have enlisted or may enlist under said officers, receive pay until such regiments or battalions have been raised and are mustered into service.

Approved August 8, 1861.

[AUGUST 8, 1861. -For act of Congress respecting alien enemies, see Series II, VOL. II, p. 1368.]


*See p. 534.