War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0527 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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II. Strike out from Article XXXVII the following words, "the same rights and privileges as may be enjoyed by the Delegates from any Territory of the Confederate States to the said House of Representatives," and insert in lieu thereof the following words, "a seat in the Hall of the House of Representatives, to propose and introduce measures for the benefit of said nations and to be heard in regard thereto and on other questions in which either of said nations is particularly interested, with such other rights and privileges as may be determined by the House of Representatives. "

III. Strike out from Article XXXVIII the following words, "or in a State court," and insert in lieu thereof the following words," or in a State court," and insert in lieu thereof the following words, "or in a State court, subject to the laws of the State. "

Resolved further (two-thirds of the Congress concurring), That the Congress do also advise and consent to the ratifications of the convention, supplementary to the aforesaid treaty with the Seminoles, made by the same parties of each part and concluded at the same time and place with the same.

NOTE. -The foregoing treaty, together with the amendments, was duly ratified by the Seminole Nation.

ATLANTA, August 1, 1861.


In view of the emergency I am obliged to yield the brigade organization, as I am determined to send the troops to the field. I consolidate the rifle battalion and cavalry and form a legion, which General Phillips will command as colonel. You consent that the artillery battalion of five companies, all armed with muskets, and half a battery of five companies, all armed with muskets, and half a battery of brass pieces, be attached to the legion, and would you give three more guns to complete the battery? I will commence shipping the troops Saturday. Where shall they go? Please answer immediately.


EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, Nashville, August 1, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER,

War Department, Richmond:

SIR: Hon. George Gant laid before me your letter of 26th ultimo, upon the subject of transferring the provisional army of Tennessee to the Confederate States. * The transfer is now being made as rapidly as Confederate officers can verify our rolls by the inspection of our regiments, and I hope will be completed within a few days.

There is in the hands of our quartermaster and commissary-generals a large amount of army supplies which, of course, must be transferred with the army, and in this connection I wish to suggest to you the propriety of establishing at Nashville a general depot of army supplies. In my opinion no better point for such depot can be selected in the Confederate States. If this policy shall be adopted by the Government the two gentlemen now at the head of these departments should be continued at the head of their respective depots. They are very efficient and reliable men. If, however, the Department shall determine not to continue them, then it is impor-


*See Series I, VOL. IV, p. 375.