War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0526 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the members of the company, and the major commanding by a majority of the votes of all the members of the battalion. The men shall be armed by the Confederate States, receive the same pay and allowances as other mounted troops in the service, and not be moved beyond the limits of the Indian country west of Arkansas, without their consent.

In testimony whereof the said Albert Pike, as such commissioner of the Confederate States, doth hereunto set his hand and affix the seal of his arms, and Hin-I-ha Micco or John Jumper, principal chief of the Seminole Nation, Pas-co-fa, George Cloud, Fos-hut-chi Tus-ti-nuk-ki, Ta-co-sa Fic-si-co, Hal-pa-ta, I-ma-thla, Fos-hut-chi Ha-chochi, Sa-to-a Hacho, O-chi-si Cho-of-to-a, Cho-of-top Hacho, Su-nuk plenary powers thereof, on the part of the Seminole Nation, do hereby unto set their hands and affix their seals.

Done in duplicate at the Seminole Agency, in the Seminole Nation, do hereby set their hands and affix their seals.

Done in duplicate at the Seminole Agency, in the Seminole Nation, on the second day of August, in the year first aforesaid.


Commissioner of the Confederate States of America to the Indian Nations West of Arkansas.

John Jumper, principal chief of the Seminole Nation; Pas-co-fa, town chief; George Cloud, town chief; Fos-hut-chi Tus-ti-nuk-ki, town chief; fos-hut-chi Ha-cho-chi, town chief; O-chi-si Cho-of-to-a, town chief; Tus-ti-nuk Co-cho-co-ni, town chief; Sa-to-a Hacho, town chief; Cho-of-top Hacho, town chief; Su-nuk Micco, town chief; Ta-co-sa Fic-si-co, town chief; Hal-pa-ta, town chief; I-ma-thla, town chief.

Signed, sealed, and mutually delivered in our presence.

Wm. Quesenbury, secretary to the commissioner; E. Rector, superintendent of Indian affairs for the Western Superintendency; Samuel M. Rutherford, agent of the Confederate States for the Seminoles; James M. C. Smith, special interpreter; Charles B. Johnson, W. Warren Johnson, W. L. Pike, W. H. Faulkner.

(To the Indian names are subjoined marks.)


Resolved (two-thirds of the Congress concurring), That the Congress of the Confederate States of America do advise and consent to the ratification of the articles of a treaty made by Albert Pike, commissioner of the Confederate States to the Indian nations west of Arkansas, in behalf of the Confederate States, of the one part, and by the Seminole Nation of Indians, by its chiefs, headmen, and warriors in general council assembled, of the part, concluded at the Seminole council-house, in the Seminole Nation, on the first day of August, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, with the following amendments:

I. Add at the end of Article XXX the following words, "and the Confederate States will request the several States of the Confederacy to adopt and enact the provisions of this article in respect to suits and proceedings in their respective courts. "