War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0525 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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treaty, and so far as the same are not obsolete or unnecessary, or repealed, annulled, changed, or modified by subsequent treatie this treaty, are and shall be continued in force as if made with the Confederate States.

ART. XLVI. This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory upon the contracting parties from the first of August, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, whenever it shall be ratified by the Provisional President and Congress, or the President and Senate of the Confederate States.

In perpetual testimony whereof the said Albert Pike, as commissioner with plenary powers, on the part of the Confederate States, doth now hereunto set his hand and affix the seal of his arms, and the undersigned chiefs, headmen, and warriors of the Seminole Nation, do hereunto powers thereof, on hereunto set their hands and affix their seals.

Done in duplicate at the place and upon the day in the year first aforesaid.



Commissioner of the Confederate States of America to the Indian Nations West of Arkansas.

John Jumper, principal chief of the Seminole Nation; Pas-co-fa, town chief; George Cloud, town chief; Foshut-chi Tus-ti-nik-ki, town chief; Fos-hut-chi Ha-chochi, town chief; O-chi-si Cho-of-to-a, town chief; Tus-ti-nuk Co-cho-top Hacho, town chief; Su-nuk Micco, town chief; Ta-co-sa Fic-si-sa Fic-si-co, town chief; Hal-pa-ta, town chief; I-ma-thla, town chief.

Signed, sealed and mutually delivered in our presence.

Wm Quesenbury, secretary to the commissioner; E. Rector, superintendent of Indian affairs for the Western Superintendency; Samuel M. Rutherford, agent of the Confederate States for the Seminoles; James M. C. Smith, Charles B. Johnson, W. Warren Johnson, W. L. Pike, W. H. Faulkner.

(To the Indian names are subjoined marks.)

A CONVENTION supplementary to the treaty of friendship this day made and concluded at the council-house of the Seminole Nation, on the first day of August, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, between the Confederate States of America, by Albert Pike, their commissioner, with full powers, of the one part, and the Seminole Nation of red men, by their chiefs, headmen, and warriors in general council assembled, of the other part.

In addition to the said treaty, and by way of separate convention and agreement, it is hereby agreed between the said parties that in consideration of the common interests of the Confederate States and the Seminole Nation, and of the protection and rights secured and guaranteed to the latter by said treaty, the said Seminole Nation will raise and furnish, and the Confederate States will receive into their service, not less than two nor more than five companies of mounted men, to serve in the armies of the Confederate States for twelve months. Each company shall be composed of not less than 64 nor more than 100 men in all. The company officers shall be elected by