War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0517 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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thn; and from all injuries resulting from such invasion or aggression full indemnity is hereby guaranteed to the party or parties injured out of the Treasury of the Confederate States upon the same principle and according to the same rules upon which white persons are entitled to indemnify for injuries or aggressions committed upon them by Indians.

ART. XVI. No person shall hereafter be licensed to trade with the Seminoles except by the agent and with the advice and consent of the National Council, which advice and consent, however, shall not be necessary in the case of traders now trading under license until the expiration trader shall execute bond to the Confederate States in such form and manner as was required by the United States or as may be required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs; and no appeal shall hereafter lie to any officer whatever from the decision of the agent refusing license to any applicant.

ART. XVII. All persons licensed by the Confederate States to trade with the Seminoles shall be required to pay to the authorities of the Seminole Nation a moderate annual compensation for the land and timber used by them, the amount of such compensation in each case to be assessed by the proper authorities of the said Seminole Nation, subject to the approval of the Confederate States agent thereof.

ART. XVIII. It is further hereby agreed that no license shall hereafter be granted to any trader who is in arrear on account of any amount legally assessed to be paid by him as compensation for land revoked on failure or refusal to pay in due time the amount that may be thereof legally assessed in any years. And when a renewal of license is refused any trader he shall, nevertheless, be entitled, if he country such reasonable length of time as may, in the opinion of the agent, be necessary for the purpose of collecting such debts as may be due him, being during such time under the protection of the laws of the Confederate States as a person peaceably sojourning in the country.

ART. XIX. All restrictions or limitations heretofore imposed or existing by treaty, law, or regulation upon the right of any member of the Seminole Nation freely to sell and dispose of to any person whatever any chattel or article of personal property whatever are hereby removed and annulled, except such as the laws of the nation itself may have created.

ART. the Confederate States and an interpreter shall continue to be appointed for the Seminole Nation, both of whom shall reside at the agency; and whenever a vacancy shall occur in either of the said officers the authorities of the nation shall be consulted as to the person to be appointed to fill the same, and no one shall be appointed against whom they in good faith protest; and the agent may be removed on petition and formal charges preferred by the constituted authorities that there is sufficient cause for such removal.

ART. XXI. The Seminole Nation may, by act of its legislative authorities, receive and incorporate in itself as members of the nation or permit to settle and reside upon the national lands such Indians of any other tribe as to it may seem good, and may sell to such Indians portions of land, in free or by less estate, or lease them portions thereof for years or otherwise, and receive to its own the price of such