War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0516 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Creeks, with the assent of the agent of the Confederate States, to reside within their respective limits without becoming members of either of said tribes.

ART. XI. A tract of two sections of land, to be laid off under the direction of the President of the Confederate States, and to include the site of the present Seminole agency, whereon the public buildings of that agency have been erected, is hereby reserved to the Confederate States and not included in the guarantee of lands aforesaid, but shall be within the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Confederate States, except as to members of the Seminole or Creek Nation as above defined, all offenses committed by whom thereon shall be punished by the laws and courts of the Seminole Nation whenever they would be so punished if committed elsewhere in the nation: Provided, That whenever the agency for the said nation shall be discontinued by the Confederate States, and an agent no longer appointed, the said tract of two sections of land shall pass to and vest absolutely in the Seminole Nation in the same manner as its other lands, with all the buildings that may be thereupon.

ART. XII. The Confederate States shall have the right to build, establish, and maintain such forts and military posts, temporary or permanent, and to make and maintain such military and post roads the quantity of one mile square of land, including each fort or post, shall be reserved to the Confederate States, and within their sole and exclusive jurisdiction, so long as such for or post is occupied; quantity of land beyond one mile square shall be used or occupied, nor any greater quantity of timber felled than of each is road, or of the agency, the property of any individual member of the Seminole Nation, or any property of the nation itself, other than land, timber, stone, and earth, be taken, destroyed, or injured, just and adequate compensation shall be made by the Confederate States.

ART. XIII. The Confederate States, or any company incorporated by them, or any one of them, shall have the right of way for railroads or telegraph lines through the Seminole country; but in the case of any incorporated company, it shall have such right of way only upon such terms and payment of such amount to the Seminole Nation as may be agreed upon between it and the National Council thereof; or, in case of disagreement, by making full compensation, not only to individual parties injured, but also to the nation for the right of way; all damage and injury done to be ascertained and determined in such manner as the President of the Confederate States shall direct. And the right of way granted by said nation for any railroad shall be perpetual, or for such shorter term as the same may be granted, in the same manner as if no reversion of their lands to the Confederate States were provided for, in case of abandonment by them or of extinction of their tribe.

ART. XIV. No person shall settle, farm, or raise stock within the limits of any post or fort, or of the agency, except such as are or may be in the employment of the Confederate States in some civil or military capacity, or such as, being subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the Seminole Nation, are permitted by the commanding officer of the post or fort or by the agent to do so upon the reserve.

ART. XV. The Confederate States shall protect the Seminoles from domestic strife, from hostile invasion, and from aggression by other Indians and white persons not subject to the jurisdiction and laws of