War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0515 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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being the same that was ceded to it by the treaty of the sgust, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, between the United States of America and the Creek and Seminole Nations of Indians, shall ever be sold or otherwise disposed of without the consent of both of said nations being legally given.

ART. VIII. The Confederate States of America do hereby solemnly agree and bind themselves that no State or Territory shall ever pass laws for the government of the Seminole Nation; and that no portion of the country hereby guaranteed to it shall ever be embraced or included within or annexed to any Territory or providence; nor shall any attempt ever be made, except upon the free, voluntary, and unsolicited application of the said nation, to erect the said country, by itself or with any other, into a State or any other territorial or political organization, or to incorporate it into any State previously created.

ART. IX. So far as may be compatible with the Constitution of the Confederate States, and with the laws made, enacted, or adopted in conformity thereto, regulating trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes as the same are limited and modified by this treaty, the Seminole Nation shall possess the otherwise unrestricted right of self-government and full jurisdiction, judicial and otherwise, over persons and property within its limits, excepting only white persons as are not, by birth, adoption or otherwise, members of either the Seminole or Creek Nation; and that there may be no doubt as to the meaning of this exception it is hereby declared that every white person who, having married a Seminole or Creek woman, resides in the said Seminole country, or who, without intermarrying, is permanently domiciled therein with the consent of the authorities of the nation and votes at elections, is to be deemed and taken as a member of the said nation within the true intent and meaning of this article; and that the exception contained in the laws for the punishment of offenses committed in the Indian country, to the effect that they shall not extend or apply to offenses committed by the Indian against the person and property of another Indian, shall be so extended and enlarged by virtue of this article when ratified, and without further legislation, as that none of said laws shall extend or apply to any offense committed by any Indian or negro or mulatto, or by any such white person, so by birth, adoption, or otherwise, a member of the Seminole or Creek Nation against the person or property of any Indian, negro, or mulatto, or any such white person, when the same shall be committed within the limits of the said Seminole Nation as hereinbefore defined; but all such persons shall be subject to the laws of the Seminole Nation and to prosecution and trial before its tribunals, and to punishment according to such laws in all respects like native members of the said nation.

ART. X. All persons who are not members of either the Seminole or Creek Nation found in the Seminole country as hereinbefore limited, shall be considered as intruders and be removed and kept out of the same, either by the civil officers of the nation, under the direction of the Executive, or the general council, or by the agent of the Confederate States for the nate authorized to demand, if necessary, the aid of the military for that purpose, with the following exceptions only; that is to say, such individuals with their families as may be in the employment of the Government of the Confederate States; all persons peaceably traveling our temporarily sojourning in the country, or trading therein under license from the proper authority; and such persons as may be permitted by the Seminoles or