War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0491 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Atlanta, Ga., July 20, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 13th, in which you say your attention has been called to a paragraph cut from one of the Georgia papers animadverting upon an article which had previously appeared in a Richmond paper. I beg leave simply to say that I never till I read your letter had the least knowledge of the extract referred to, or of the article in the Richmond paper giving rise to it.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Richmond, July 20, 1861.

Colonel B. W. BLAKEWOOD,

Spotswood Hotel, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: In reply to your letter of the 13th instant I am directed by the Secretary of War to say that a regiment armed and equipped would be accepted, electing its own field officers. But no pledge can be given of the service it will be required to perform or of its field of operations.



Chief of Bureau of War.


Richmond, July 20, 1861.

His Excellency JOHN LETCHER,

Governor of Virginia:

SIR: A communication bearing date of July 18 has been received by this Department from the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia, recalling the attention of the Department to a previous communication relating to the transfer to this Government of the machinery and stores taken by the State of Virginia at Harper's Ferry and to the operatives of this machinery in the armory of Virginia in Richmond, and asking a more explicit reply to the inquiries therein contained. It is stated in this communication that "Colonel Dimmock was (is) causing the manufacture of gun carriages, caissons, and accouterments belonging to artillery" at this armory, and further, "that he (Colonel Dimmock) had orders from General Lee to furnish equipments for field artillery not yet completed. " And the question proposed is "whether this arrangement is to be continued and the State officers and property to be transferred, as proposed, to the Confederate States, and thereafter the State of Virginia to be no longer responsible for the liabilities incurred for the manufacture of these articles; and whether it was expected that her officers were to fulfill requisitions made upon them at her expense and they to be paid out of her treasury, or whether these things were to be continued at the cost of the Confederate States; whether the armory was to be taken for the use of the Confederate States for operating the Harper's Ferry machinery?" And you further direct attention in this connection to "the division of the operations of thtment between Major Gorgas and Colonel Dimmock. "