War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0489 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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machinery or a part of it should be put up in the State armory in Richmond, and I quoted the resolution of the convention, by which it appeared that the use of the armory was tendered to the President for operating said machinery, showing that it was desired that the armory should be kept up as an institution for this purpose.

This was stated, too, for another purpose. If the tender of the armory was accepted for the purpose indicated, there were operations going on therein for which other arrangements would be required. I stated the division of the operations of the ordnance department between Major Gorgas and Colonel Dimmock, and informed you that Colonel Dimmock was causing the manufacture of gun carriages, caissons, and accouterments belonging to artillery, and also had the direction of the issund arms. I had also stated that at this time he had orders from General Lee to furnish equipments for field artillery not yet completed. In view of the supposed transfer of the armory for operating the machinery, I desired to know whether the previous arrangement was expected to be continued. Your reply is that your Department will not object to the arrangement suggested by me as having been proposed by Governor Letcher and approved by the President. It is very plain that Virginia may go in her own building with her own officer, at her own expense, to construct gun carriages and other artillery equipments and issue her own guns. But the question was whether this arrangement is to be continued and the State officers and property to be transferred as proposed to the Confederate States, and thereafter the State of Virginia to be no longer responsible for the liabilities incurred for the manufacture of these articles; and whether it was expected that her officers were to fulfill requisitions made upon them at her expense, and they to be paid out of her treasury, or whether these things were to be continued at the cost of the Confederate States; whether the armory was to be taken for the use of the Confederate States for operating the Harper's Ferry machinery. By request of the Governor I beg leave again most respectfully to call your attention to this subject and to request an answer, that no cause for misunderstanding should be allowed to exist, especially as the Auditing Board of the State are constantly called on to pay the expenses incurred under Colonel Dimmock's branch of the ordnance service.

Very respectfully,


Secretary of the Commonwealth.

RICHMOND, July 18, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War, Confederate States:

SIR: In accordance with your suggestion I submit the following as the list of machines which I hope to obtain for the purposes set forth in a letter from the Governor of the State of Tennessee to His Excellency President Davis: One trip-hammer, with such special tools for welding gun-barrels as are at hand; 2 small planers; 1 screw machine; 1 cone machine; 2 small lathes; 1 propelling machine; 2 drilling machines, with 3 or 4 spindles each; 8 milling machines; 1 rifling machine; 1 nut-boring machine; 1 smooth-boring machine; 1 barrel-turning lathe; 1 punching press; 1 horizontal milling machine for ramrods, & c. ; 1 old breech screw-cutting machine; 1 old index machine.