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not been done by order of this department, yet if the troops so recruited have gone into the service of the Confederate Government it would be right for that Government to pay such charges as are just and proper. More could not be asked. With regard to the particular requisition referred to in my letter, it was brought to your notice simply to obtain a recognition of the principle that after the 1st of July Virginia is not to pay for forces or recruiting which had been previously transferred to the Confederate States by proclamation of the Governor. There is but one other remark in your letter which perhaps required explanation. You state that -

It is proper to add, however, that the Government of the Confederate States is relying upon the volunteer forces, and not upon the recruiting service, for its troops, and the recruiting department should therefore be at once discontinued by the authorities of Virginia, unless actually in successful operation.

To this I beg leave to say that in the proclamation of the Governor, by which all the forces of Virginia were transferred to the Confederate States, the Governor expressly ordered all the provisional army of Virginia to respect and obey all lawful orders emanating from the President or those commanding under his authority, and that the same may be incorporated in whole or in part into the Provisional Army of the Confederate States at the pleasure of the President. After this proclamation it was supposed that the officers of Virginia who were recruiting for the provisional army were under orders of the President, and that the recruiting service had been discontinued, and it was believed that Colonel Joseph Selden, the officer through whom the requisition for funds had been made, and who was the superintendent of this service, was recognized and was acting under orders from the War Department. Hence the reference to him to know why it was that Virginia should pay for recruiting up to the 6th day of August next.

Very respectfully,


Secretary of the Commonwealth.


Richmond, July 18, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War of the Confederate States:

SIR: Your letter of the 16th instant has been received. In it you say that "Major Gorgas has been directed to receipt for the transfers to be made, and this Department will not object to the arrangements suggested by you as having been proposed by Governor Letcher and approved by the President. " I regret that your letter should require me again to trouble you with a reply. The importance of the subject, in the opinion of the Governor, requires a further explanation. I stated in my former communication that I had informed His Excellency the President that I was ready to transfer the machinery and stores taken by the State of Virginia at Harper's Ferry when an officer should be detailed by his orders, in conjunction with the colonel of ordnance of Virginia, to take an inventory of the same, as required by ordinance of our convention. Being informed by you that Major Gorgas is the officer detailed, no difficulty can arise upon that subject. I stated further that the President had been informed that the Governor believed that it was the design of the State convention that the