War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0474 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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War is held, by implication, responsible. I have attentively perused the article commented upon, and really have failed to discover any purpose on the part of the editor to perpetrate any injustice upon you, or grounds for the Georgia editor's presumption of variance between the President - whose letters it appears he has seen - and myself in estimation of your official conduct. Now, in relation to all this matter, I may frankly say to you, in this unofficial manner, that there is no difference that I am aware of between the President and myself in regard to yourself. We both entertain, I am sure, the most cordial feelings of respect for your character, patriotism, and public services, and we have agreed in the policy of making earnest appeals to you to permit any arms within your jurisdiction not in use to be wielded in a common defense against a common enemy. From this position we have the best means of knowing the imminence of the danger, and I can assure Your Excellency [that the President] and myself unite in congratulations upon every manifestation of the determination of Georgia to maintain her full share of the responsibility and the glory in this momentous conflict.

Therefore I repeat to you my assurances of respect and friendly consideration, and trust that you will not allow the insinuations of an editor to create in your mind the impression that I am otherwise than, both officially and personally,

Your Excellency's obedient servant and friend,


RICHMOND, July 13, 1861.

Governor T. O. MOORE,

New Orleans, LA.:

As soon as you determine where you will locate the camps of instruction please advise me, in order that proper arrangements may be made for the support of the troops. Although these troops were called out by companies, if you deem it more advisable you may accept them by regiments. Thus accepted, they will elect their own field officers.


(Same to Governors of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.)

JACKSON, MISS., July 13, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER,


The two regiments at Iuka, near Corinth. Two companies of cavalry ordered there. Will telegraph Monday the location of the camps of instruction.


Nashville, July 13, 1861.


Richmond, Va.:

I approve the appointments of Pillow, Anderson, and Donelson, but they are all Democrats. Though not consulted, I shall be held responsible here for your appointments in the State. I therefore venture to