War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0459 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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United States and constitute, with certain other sums, a general Choctaw fund, yielding an annual interest of not less than 5 per cent.

And it being further agreed that, in addition to the sums of money above mentioned, other moneys were justly due and owing from the United States of America when the Confederate States were parts thereof, and still continue due and owing and unpaid to the said Choctaw Nation, in part appropriated and in part unappropriated, by the Congress of the United States under existing treaties:

Therefore, the Confederate States do hereby assume the duty and obligation of collecting and paying over as trustees to the said Choctaw Nation all sums of money accruing, whether from interest or capital of the bonds of the several States of the Confederacy, or of any bonds or stocks guaranteed by either of them, now held by the Government of the United States in trust for the Choctaw Nation, and will pay over to the said nation the said interest and capital as the same shall be collected. And the said Confederate States will request the several States of the Confederacy whose bonds or stocks, or any bonds or stocks guaranteed by them, are so held to provide, by legislation or otherwise, that the capital and interest of such bonds or stocks shall not be paid to the Government of the United States, but to the Government of the Confederate States in trust for the Choctaw Nation.

And the said Confederate States do hereby guarantee to the Choctaw Nation the final settlement and full payment upon and after the restoration of peace and the establishment and recognition of their independence, as of debts in good faith and conscience, as well as in law, due and owing, on good and valuable consideration, by the said Confederate States and the other of the United States jointly before the secession of any of the States, of all sums of money that are so as aforesaid justly due and owing by the late Untied States under existing thoctaw Nation or people, for itself or in trust for individuals, and of any sums received by that Government and now held by it by way of interest on or as part of the capital of any of the bonds or stocks of any of the States wherein any funds of the Choctaws had been invested; and do also guarantee to it the final settlement and full payment at the same period of the capital and interest of all bonds or stocks of any of the Northern States in which any of the said Choctaw funds may have been invested.

ART. LV. All the said annuities, annual payments, and interest and the arrearages thereof shall be applied, under the exclusive direction of the general council of the Choctaw Nation, to the support of their government, to the purposes of education, and to such other objects, for the promotion and advancement of the improvement, welfare, and happiness of the Choctaw people and their descendants, as shall to the general council seem good; and the capital sums of $ 500,000 each shall be invested or reinvested, after the restoration of peace, in stocks of the States, at their market price, and in such as bear the highest rate of interest, or be paid over to the Choctaw Nation, to be invested by its authorities or otherwise used, applied, and appropriated, as its Legislature may direct; and the other moneys due and owing to the said nation, and payment whereof is hereby guaranteed, shall be used, applied, and appropriated by the Choctaw Nation in accordance with treaty stipulations, and so as to maintain unimpaired the good faith of the Choctaw Nation to those for whom it will thus become trustee. And no department or office of the Government of the Confederate States shall have power to impose any conditions, limitations, or restrictions on the payment to the said