War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0447 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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thence south to Red River, and thence down Red River to the beginning: Provided, however, If the line running due north from the eastern source of Island Bayou to the main Canadian shall not include Allen's or Wa-pa-nacka Academy within the Chickasaw district, then on offset shall be made from same line so as to leave said academy two miles within the Chickasaw district, north, west, and south from the lines of boundary.

ART. VI. The remainder of the country held in common by the Choctaw and Chickasaw, including the leased district, shall constitute the Choctaw district, and their officers and people shall at all times have the right of safe conduct and free passage through the Chickasaw district.

ART. VII. The Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations hereby give their full, free, and unqualified assent to those provisions of the act of Congress of the Confederate States of America entitled "An act for the protection of certain Indian tribes," approved the twenty-first day of May, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, whereby it was declared that all reversionary and other interest, right, title, and proprietorship of the United States in, unto, and over the Indian county in which that of the said nations is included, should pass to and vest in the Confederate States; and whereby the President of the Confederate States was authorized to take military possession and occupation of all said country; and whereby all the laws of the United States, with the exception thereinafter made, applicable to and in force in said country, and not inconsistent with the letter or spirit of any treaty stipulations entered into with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, in force in said country, and not inconsistent with the letter or spirit of any treaty among others were re-enacted, continued in force, and declared to be in force in said country, as laws and statutes of the said Confederate States: Provided, however, And it is hereby agreed between the said is or may be contrary to or inconsistent with any article or provision of this treaty is to be of none effect henceforward, and shall, upon the annulled as of the present date, and this assent, as thus qualified and conditioned, shall relate to and be taken to have been given upon the said day of the approval of the said act of Congress.

ART. VIII. The Confederate States of America do hereby solemnly guarantee to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, to be held by them to their own use and behoof in fee simple forever, the lands included within the boundaries defined in Article IV of this treaty; to be held by the people of both the said nations in common, as they have heretofore been held, so long as grass shall grow and water run, if the said nations shall so please, but with power to survey the same, and divide it into sections and other legal subdivisions when it shall be so voted by a majority of the legal voters of each nation, respectively; and of making partition thereof and disposition of parcels of the same by virtue of the laws of both said nations, duly enacted; by which partition or sale title in fee simple absolute shall vest in parceners and purchasers whenever it shall please both nations of their own free will and accord and without solicitation from any quarter to do so; which solicitation the Confederate States hereby solemnly agree never to use; and the title and tenure hereby guaranteed to the said nations is and shall be subject to no other conditions, reservations, or restrictions whatever than such as are hereinafter specially expressed.

ART. IX. None of the lands hereby guaranteed to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations shall be sold, ceded, or otherwise disposed of to