War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0440 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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its part, assent to, ratify, and confirm the same as its solemn act and compact, as is therein stipulated, and doth direct that a copy of this ratification, signed by the principal chief and national clerk, be annexed to each part of the said treaty for authentication thereof.

Thus done and approved the day and year aforesaid.

A true copy of the original act of ratification as adopted by the general council.


Principal Chief.



National Clerk.

Signed and attested in our presence.


C. S. Agent for the Creeks.


C. S. Interpreter for the Creeks.

Names of the chiefs who signed the treaty concluded on the tenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, and approved by the general council of the Creek Nation on the twentieth July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, between the Confederate States of America and the Creek Nation of Indians: a

Echur Harjo.

Cowassart Harjo.

Nocus Emathla.

Us-so-na Harjo.


Tustunnuk Kee.

Ar-chu-le Harjo.

Oh-sa Ya-ho-LA.


Tullissee Fixico.

Tallor Harjo.


Cha-low Harjo.

Ok-ta-ha-hasee Harjo.

Ho-siche Boatswain.


Ya-ha Harjo.

Fixico Harjo.

Ok-chun Harjo.

Ne-ha Ya-ho-LA.

Tallise Fixico.

Jimmy Larney.

Halputter Mikko.

Samuel Lasley.

Ya-ha Tustunnukke.

Ne-ha Ya-hola.

Co-we Harjo.

Wm. Bruner.

Jacob Derrysaw.


Car-pit-char Ya-ho-LA.

It-chin Ya-ho-LA.

Nocus Fixico.

Mikko Hutke.

Napoche Fixico.

Cotchar Fixico.

James McHenry.

Cully Mikko.

Pow-has-e Marthla.

Ok-cus-ca Fixico.

Ar-hul Le-mathla.

Tul-wa Mikko.

Ar-ha-luk Fixico.

Lou-cher Harjo.

Carpechar Fixico.


--- ---,

National Clerk.

ARTICLE SUPPLEMENTARY to the treaty concluded between the Confederate States of America and the Creek Nation of Indians, at the North Fork Village, in the Creek Nation, on the tenth day of July, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.

ARTICLE. The survivors, now residing in the Creek Nation, of the Apalachicola band of Indians have earnestly represented to the commissioner of the Confederate States the facts following, that is to say:

That the Apalachicola band of Indians, being by origin a part of the Creek Nation, long resided on the Apalachicola River, in what is now the State of Florida, and were parties to the treaty concluded at

a To the Indian names are subjoined marks.