War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0438 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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final settlement and payment, at the same period, of the capital and interest of any and all bonds or stocks of any Northern States in which any of the Creek funds may have been invested.

ART. XLIII. Ir agreed that whatever sums of money are by this treaty provided to be settled and paid by the Confederate States to the Creek Nation, for itself, upon the restoration of peace, not including those belonging to the said orphans, shall be paid over to the authorities of the nation, to be held by them invested in stocks, or shall be by the Government of the Confederate States so invested, in stocks bearing the best rate of interest, and at the market rate of such stocks, as the authorities of the nation may require, so that the nation may in either mode have all the advantages of the investment; and that, if paid over to the authorities of the nation, the Government of the Confederate States shall have no further control over the same in any wise nor be in any wise responsible for its proper investment or disposition.

ART. XLIV. It is further agreed between the parties that all provisions of the treaties of the Creek Nation with the United States which secure or guarantee to the Creek Nation, or individuals thereof, any rights or privileges whatever, and the place whereof is not supplied by, and which are not contrary to, the provisions of this treaty, and so far as the same are not obsolete and unnecessary, or repealed, annulled, changed, or modified by subsequent treaties or laws or by this treaty, are and shall be continued in force as if made with the Confederate States. ART. XLV. It is hereby further agreed by the Confederate States that all the members of the Creek Nation as hereinbefore defined shall be henceforward competent to take, hold, and pass by purchase or descent, lands in any of the Confederate States heretofore or hereafter acquired by them, and to sue and implead in any of the courts of each of the States in the same manner and as fully, and under the same terms and restrictions and the same condition only, as citizens of another of the Confederate States can do.

ART. XLVI. A general amnesty of all past offenses against the laws of the United States and of the Confederate Stn the Indian country before the signing of this treaty by any member of the Creek Nation as such membership is defined by this treaty is hereby declared, and all such persons, if any, whether convicted or not, imprisoned or at large, charged with any such offense shall receive from the President full and free pardon and be discharged.

ART. XLVII. It is also further agreed that the sum of $750 shall be appropriated, upon the ratification of this treaty, by the Congress of the Confederate States to pay the expenses of the commissioners of the Creek Nation who have negotiated the same, and that the same shall be paid to the principal chief, Motey Kinnaird, who shall distribute the same among the commissioners as they shall agree and direct.

ART. XLVIII. This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory upon the contracting parties from the tenth day of July, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, whenever it shall be ratified by the general council of the Creek Nation, and by the Provisional President and Congress, or the President and Senate of the Confederate States.

In perpetual testimony whereof the said Albert Pike, as commissioner with plenary powers, on the part of the Confederate States, doth now hereunto set his hand and affix the seal of his arms, and the