War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0431 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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stocks of goods now held by licensed traders, but only upon such as they shall hereafter receive, and upon so much of their present stock as shall remain on hand on the 1st day of January next. No appeal shall hereafter lie to any officer whatever from the decision of the agent refusing to license any applicant.

ART. XVII. Immediately upon the signing of this treaty the agent of the Confederate States shall notify each licensed trader in the Creek Nation that he is required to apply for a license under the laws of the Confederate States within thirty days after the date os such notice; and any one failing to do so shall be considered as an intruder and be immediately removed from the country. Upon each such application the agent shall decide and grant or refuse the same at his discretion, as heretofore, and his decision shall be final. every license so granted by him shall be for the term of twelvtion to be unexpired portion of the year 1861; and if, at the expiration of the year 1862, a renewal of license should not be granted to any such trader he shall, nevertheless, be entitled to remain in the country such reasonable length of time as may, in the opinion of the agent, be necessary, under the protection of the laws of the Confederate States, as a person peaceably sojourning therein, for the purpose of collecting such debts as may be due him: Provided, That no such license shall be granted by the agent unless the party applying shall have paid the whole amount of compensation for land and timber assessed for the year 1861 by the council with the assent of the agent; and that any license hereafter granted shall be revoked on failure or refusal to pay in due time the tax that may be legally assessed in any year. when a second license is applied for by any such party, or hereafter when any new party applies for license, it shall be granted with the advice and consent of the National Council: And provided also, That if the general council has any well-founded objection to the present renewal of any license to any person now licensed as a trader, for which such renewal ought not, under the law, to be granted, it may present such objection to the agent, who shall refuse to renew the license in that case if he finds such objection to be well founded and sufficient; and if he do not so refuse the general council may carry the matter before the superintendent, whose decision shall be final.

ART. XVIII. All restrictions and limitations heretofore imposed or existing by treaty, law, or regulation upon the right of any member of the Creek Nation freely to sell and dispose of to any person whatever any chattel or article of personal property whatever are hereby removed and annulled, except such as the laws of the nation itself may have created.

ART. XIX. An agent of the Confederate States and an interpreter shall be continued to be appointed for the Creek Nation, both of whom shall reside at the agency; and whenever a vacancy shall occur in either of the said offices the authorities of the nation shall be consulted as to the person to be appointed to fill the same, and no one shall be appointed against whom they in good faith protest; and the agent may be removed on petition and formal charges preferred by the constituted authorities of the nation, the President being satisfied, upon full investigation, that there is sufficient cause shown for such removal.

ART. XX. The Creek Nation may, by act of its legislative authorities, receive and incorporate in itself as members of the nation, or permit to settle and reside upon the national lands, such Indians of