War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0428 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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between the said parties that whatever in the said laws of the United States contained is or may be contrary to or inconsistent with any article or provision of this treaty is to be of none effect henceforward, and shall, upon the ratification hereof, be deemed and taken to have been repealed and annulled as of the present date; and this assent, as thus qualified and conditioned, shall relate to and be taken to have been given upon the said day of the approval of the said act of Congress.

ART. V. The Confederate States of America do hereby guarantee to the Creek Nation, to be held by it to its own use and behoof in fee simple forever, the lands included within the boundaries defined in the preceding article of this treaty; to be held by the people of the said nation in common, as they have heretofore been held, so long as grass shall grow and water run, if the said nation shall so please, but with power of making partition thereof and disposition of parcels of the same by virtue of laws of the nation duly enacted; by which partition or sale title in fee simple absolute shall vest in parceners and purchasers, whenever it shall please the nation of its own free will and accord and without solicitation from any quarter to do so; which and the title and tenure hereby guaranteed to the said nation is and shall be subject to no other conditions, reservations, or restrictions whatever than such as are hereinafter specially expressed.

ART. VI. None of the said lands hereby guaranteed to the Creek Nation shall be sold, ceded, or otherwise disposed of to any foreign nation or to any State or Government whatever; and in case any such sale, cession, or disposition should be made without the consent of the Confederate States all the said lands shall thereupon revert to the Confederate States.

ART. VII. The Confederate States hereby agree and bind themselves that in guaranteeing to the Seminole Nation of Indians the country granted, ceded, and conveyed to it by the Creek Nation by the treaty of the seventh day of August, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, it shall be provided, as it was in that treaty, that no part thereof shall every be sold or otherwise disposed of by the said Seminole Nation without the consent of the Creek Nation formally and explicitly given.

ART. VIII. The Confederate States of America do hereby solemnly agree and bind themselves that no State or Territory shall every pass laws for the government of the Creek Nation, and that no portion of the country hereby guaranteed to it shall ever be embraced or included within or annexed to any Territory or province; nor shall any attempt ever be made, except upon the free, voluntary, and unsolicited application of the said nation, to erect the said country, by itself or with any other, into a State, or any other Territorial or political organization, or to incorporate it into any State previously created.

ART. IX. So far as may be compatible with the Constitution of the Confederate States and with the laws made, enacted, or adopted in conformity thereto, regulating trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, as the same are limited and modified by this treaty, the Creek Nation shall possess the otherwise unrestricted right of self-government, and full jurisdiction, judicial and otherwise, over persons as are not, by birth, adoption, or otherwise, members of either the Creek or Seminole Nation; and that there may be no doubt as to the meaning of this exception, it is hereby declared that every white person who,