War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0427 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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other power or sovereign whatever; and doth hereby stipulate and agree with them that it will not hereafter, nor shall any of its towns or individuals, contract any alliance or enter into any compact, treaty, or agreement with any individual State or with a foreign power: Provided, That it may make such compacts and agreements with neighboring nations and tribes of Indians for their mutual welfare and the prevention of difficulties as may not be contrary to this treaty, or inconsistent with its obligations to the Confederate States; and the said Confederate States do hereby assume and accept the said protectorate, and recognize the said Creek Nation as their ward; and by the consent of the said Creek Nation, now here freely given, the country whereof it is proprietor in fee, as the same is hereinafter defines, is annederate States, in the same manner and to the same extent as it was annexed to the United States of America before that Government was dissolved, with such modifications as are hereinafter expressed, in addition to all the rights, privileges, under treaties made with it, and under the statutes of the United States of America.

ART. III. The following shall constitute and remain the boundaries of the Creek country, viz: Beginning at the mouth of the North Fork of the Canadian River and running northerly four miles; thence running a straight line so as to meet a line drawn from the south bank of the Arkansas River, opposite the east or lower bank of Grand River, at its junction with the Arkansas, and which runs a course south 44 degrees west, one mile, to a post placed in the ground; thence along said line to the Arkansas and up the same to the Verdigris River, to where the old Territorial line crosses it; thence along said line north to a point twenty-five miles from the Arkansas River, where the old Territorial line crosses the same; thence running west with the southern line of the Cherokee country to the North Fork of the Canadian River, where the boundary of the cession to the Seminole Nation defined in the first article of the treaty between the United States of America and the Creek and Seminole Nations, of August seventh, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, fist strikes said Cherokee line; thence down said North Fork to where the eastern boundary line of the said cession to the Seminole Nation strikes the same; thence with that line due south to the Canadian River, at the mouth of the Ok-hai-ap-po, or Pond Creek, and thence down said Canadian River to the place of beginning.

ART. IV. The Creek Nation hereby gives its full, free, and unqualified assent to those provisions of the act of Congress of the Confederate States of America entitled "An act for the protection of certain Indian tribes," approved the twenty-first day of May, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, whereby it was declared that all reversionary and other interest, right, title, and proprietorship of the United States in, unto, and over the Indian country in which that of said nations is included should pass to and vest in the Confederate States; and whereby the President of the Confederate States was authorized to take military possession of all said country; and whereby all the laws of the United States, with the exception hereinafter made, applicable to and in force in said country, and not inconsistent with the letter or spirit of any treaty stipulations entered into with the Creek Nation among others were re-enacted, continued in force, and declared to be in force in said county as laws and statutes of the Confederate States: Provided, however, And it is hereby agreed