War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0424 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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ATLANTA, July 8, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War:

DEAR SIR: Your letter of the 1st instant was forwarded to me at Camp McDonald. You make requisition on me for two more regiments of infantry, armed and equipped, in addition to the 3,000 men required by companies by your letter of the day previous. I do not understand you that these two regiments are required as a part of Georgia's just quota, as I am satisfied you will admit she has done as much as her just proportion when she shall have furnished the 3,000 men added to those already sent forward. I am not disposed, however, to discuss the question of quota. If the troops are needed and the wishes of the government of Georgia in matters vital to her interest and her honor are respected, I shall do all in my power to gratify every wish of the President. The brigade now in camp of instruction is ort conformity to the statute of this State and is a splendid body of men, thoroughly armed, and a few days will be fully equipped. In its organization I have but carried out the law of this State, and I now have the men so trained that I feel that they are prepared for service. If the object of your requisition is to take from this brigade the two regiments and then reject the three battalions and the commanding officer, I most respectfully decline to comply with the requisition. I will, however, do all in my power to collect in the shortest time possible such companies in the State as have arms, and for out of them two regiments, with which I will fill the requisition. I may be able, probably, to equip them; if I should not, you will, I trust, feel that I do not ask too much when I request that you do for Georgia what you have done for other States - equip part of the troops which she furnishes you under requisition. I wish to act in a spirit of liberality in the whole matter and trust you will do the same. I therefore make you this frank proposition: If you will receive the brigade as it is, armed and equipped, with General Phillips in command, or it there is any question about your right to receive a brigade, then receive the regiments and battalions and appoint him to the command, I will consent that you appoint all his staff officers except one confidential aide, and I will, at any cost of labor or expense to myself or the State, within ten days from the date of your acceptance of this proposition, furnish you in addition to the brigade two other regiments, as fully armed and equipped for the field as have been former regiments furnished by me. I trust you will meet this proposition in the spirit of kindness in which it is made. It is equivalent to an offer to furnish you five regiments, armed and equipped, in ten days, if you will accept them and appoint to the command of the brigade the officer who is the choice of every officer now under his command. I will address to the President a short note on this subject, and I respectfully request that you lay this letter before him and call his attention to its contents. I feel that my request is a reasonable one and that I have a right to hope, in behalf of the State, that it will be granted. If so, please telegraph me at Atlanta that it has been considered and my proposition accepted, and I will exercise the utmost diligence in complying on my part.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, &c.,