War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0416 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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[JULY 1, 1861. - For Walker to Green, appointing the latter agent for the purchase of arms and munitions of war in Europe, see Series II, VOL. III, p. 687.]


Richmond, July 1, 1861.

His Excellency A. B. MOORE,

Montgomery, Ala.:

SIR: A letter was yesterday addressed upon from this Department, as well as to the Governors of certain of the other States of the Confederacy, requesting them to furnish the quota of men apportioned to each of their States, respectively, in order that the Government might have organized a reserved army corps of 30,000 men. In addition to the above it has been deemed essential by the President, under all the circumstances at present surrounding the Government, that several other regiments from the States should be speedily gotten into the field. Alabama has never yet hesitated to give a patriotic response to calls made upon her by this Government for troops, and the President has no fears that she will hesitate or falter now. Within this consciousness he makes hereby a requisition with entire confidence upon you for two regiments of infantry, armed and equipped, whose services are to be tendered for the war. He expresses the hope that you will have them ready for the field at as early a day as practicable. It will perhaps be proper to state here that, being called for in regiments, these troops will have the right to select their own field officers-all officers, in short, except the staff officers, to wit, the assistant quartermaster, the assistant commissary, surgeon, and assistant surgeon, who will be appointed by the President.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

(Same, mutatis mutandis, to Governor Joseph E. Brown, Milledgeville, Ga.)

ATLANTA, July 2, 1861.

Hon. L. P. WALKER:

In reply to your dispatch asking explanation about the arsenal at Savannah, I state that the arsenal and its contents are the property of the State. I can only permit supplies to be issued from it by a State officer under State authority, for which receipts must be given by a Confederate officer if he receives the supplies Your officer at Augusta has locked up in the magazine a large quantity of powder purchased and placed there by the State. I have written, asking on order that he deliver the State property, to which I have received no reply. Will you please explain?



Richmond, July 2, 1861.


Holly Springs, Miss.:

SIR: The Secretary of War directs me to address some inquiries to you in regard to a communication from Mr. W. Brooke on the subject