War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0403 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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ratified and confirmed, notwithstanding any provision in the constitution of the State for a different mode of appointment.

5. Be it further ordained, That the naval forces and vessels of this State be transferred to the Confederate States upon the same terms and conditions that are provided as to State troops in the second section of this ordinance, the said vessels to be paid for or accounted for upon terms to be agreed upon by the Governor with the Confederate States, and that after the 20th day of August next all naval officers of this State shall be discharged, and all vessels of the navy not accepted by the Government States shall be sold under the direction of the Governor.

And whereas the President of the Confederate States, through a communication from the Secretary of War, has informed this convention that he will accept from this State into the service of the Confederate States 2,000 volunteers for twelve months in addition to the four regiments already in said service, and cannot accept any greatenteers for twelve months-

6. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, That all volunteers who have been called out the four regiments aforesaid, and 2,000 now to be designated by the Governor and tendered to the President for service as aforesaid, shall be discharged on the 20th day of August next; Provided, That any of said volunteer who shall signify their desire to enlist in the State troops aforesaid, or in any corps that may be called for by the President in the meantime, shall be discharged forthwith, to the end that they may enter such new service: And provided further, That the Governor shall again tender such volunteers by regiments to the President of the Confederate states, and if the President shall agree to accept them, or any part of them, by or before the 20th day of August next, it shall be the duty of the Governor to order them, or as many of them as the President shall accept, into the service of the Confederate States, and discharge only the residue; Provided further, That any volunteers discharged as aforesaid shall, in addition to their pay, be allowed reasonable expenses for traveling to their several homes: And provided further, That the Governor may order out the militia as volunteers, or otherwise, in case of invasion or imminent danger thereof.

7. Be it further ordained, That all provisions of the aforesaid acts of the Assembly authorizing the raising of a greater number of men or of a different species of force than is hereinbefore comprehended, or are otherwise inconsistent with this ordinance, are hereby repealed and declared of no effect.

8. Be if further ordained, That the act of the General Assembly entitled "An act to create a military board" be, and the same is hereby, repealed from and after the 20th day of August next: Provided, That the office of military secretary shall be continued until the 20th day of September next from the purpose of settling the military accounts.

9. Be it further ordained, That no oath shall be required to be taken by the officers or soldhe forces aforesaid, except the oath of allegiance to the State of North Carolina, prior to their being mustered into the service of the Confederate States, but each man shall be held and deemed to be in military service, and subject to the Rules and Articles of War of the Confederate States from the time of his signing the articles of enlistment