War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0401 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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RICHMOND, June 25, 1861.

Governor GRAHAM and Judge RUFFIN,

Raleigh, N. C.:

The President directs me to say that if the volunteers are for twelve months he will accept 2,000. Beyond this number he cannot go. A reserve corps for the war of 3,000 men will be called for from your State in a day or two, to go into camp of instruction, and to be accepted by companies. This arrangement will probably absorb what is left of your volunteer organization. For other points I refer you to my letter of the 23d instant.


SAVANNAH, June 26, 1861.

Major J. GORGAS:

Governor Brown just ordered the arsenal-keeper not to issue anything to the order of a Confederate officer for the present. This locks up half a million caps and stops cartridge-making. I should like to see you and explain matters about the State ordnance.


Captain of Artillery and Ordnance Officer.

ATLANTA, June 27, 1861.


President of the Confederate States of America:

DEAR SIR: I am greatly obliged by the assurances received from you that my course in reference to the arms belonging to the State of Georgia meets your approval. I am sending into the Confederate service as fast as possible Georgia regiments fully armed and equipped. This I shall continue to do as long as I have men with guns, but I can only consent that the arms belonging to the State leave the State under my direction. I regret to have to call your attention to the fact that certain companies in this State connecting themselves with regiments usually called Confederate or independent regiments are carrying the State's arms with them in open violation of my orders. I am informed to-day that a company known as the Floyd Sharpshooters, from Rome, commanded by Captain Hamilton, which has just left the State in what is usually known as the Morrison Regiment, which, it is now said, is to be commanded by Colonel Smith, have carried or caused to be transported beyond the limits of the State sixty muskets of the model of 1842, which were at Rome, belonging to the State. This has been done in palpable violation of my orders. the guns were sent from Rome to Dalton in a wagon in boxes and thence out of the State and are now doubtless in possession of the company in Virginia. For the purpose of stopping these illegal seizures and removal of the State arms in future, I hereby demand the return of the arms to me by express to Atlanta immediately, and ask you, as the company is now under your command and beyond my control, to pass such order as is necessary to secure the speedy return of the arms of which the State has been wrongfully deprived in the manner above mentioned.


Governor of Georgia.