War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0399 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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8. In no cases will leaves of absence be granted so that a company be left without one of its commissioned officers, or that a garrison post be left without two commissioned officers and competent medical attendance; nor shall leave of absence be granted to an officer during the season of active operations, except on urgent necessity, and then as follows: The commander of a post may grant seven days' leave; the commander of an army thirty days.

9. When not otherwise specified, leaves of absence will be considered as commencing on the day that the officer is relieved from duty at his post. He will report himself monthly, giving his addressed for the next thirty days to the commander of his post, and of his regiment or corps, and to the Adjutant-General; and in his first report state the day when his leave of absence commenced. At the expiration of his leave he will join his station.

10. The immediate commander of the officer applying for leave of absence, and all intermediate commanders, will indorse their opinion on the application before forwarding it.

11. The commander of a post may take leave of absence not to exceed seven days at one time, or in the same month, reporting the same fact to his next superior.

12. An application for leave of absence on account of sickness must be accompanied by a certificate of the senior medical officer present in the following form:

- -, of the - regiment of-, having applied for a certificate on which to ground an application for leave of absence, I do hereby certify that I have carefully examined this officer and find that-. [Here the nature of the disease, wound, or disability is to be fully stated, and the period during which the officer has suffered under its effects.] And that in consequence thereof he is, in my opinion, unfit for duty. I further declare my belief that he will not be able to resume his duties in a less period than -. [Here state candidly and explicitly the opinion as to the period which will probably elapse before the office will be able to resume his duties. When there is no reason to expect a recovery, or when the prospect of recovery is distant and uncertain, or when a change off climate is recommended, it must be so stated.] Dated at -, this - day of -.

- -.

[Signature of the medical officer.]

13. When an officer is prevented by sickness from joining his station he will transmit certificate in the above form monthly to the commanding officer of his post and regiment or corps, and to the Adjutant-General; and when he cannot procure the certificates of a medical officer of the Army, he will substitute his own certificate on honor of his condition and a full statement of his case. If the officer's certificate is not satisfactory, and whenever an officer has been absent on account of sickness for one year, he shall be examined by a medical board and the case specially reported to the President.

14. In all reports of absence or applications for leave of absence on account of sickness the officer shall state how long he has been absent already on that account and by whose permission.