War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0393 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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property purchased for the military operations have been paid for as they were bought, and thus the credit of the State has been fully sustained.

It is due to truth and justice that I should here record, in this recapitulation, my high appreciation of the industry, judgment, and professional skill which have marked the conduct of the distinguished officer wh with the unanimous approval of the convention, to conduct the military and naval operations of Virginia. From every principle of duty and patriotism the executive department of the State has felt called upon to co-operate cordially and heartily with the Government of the Confederate States, and the policy which has controlled my action heretofore will continue to regulate it. The great interests at stake demand the surrender of all questions of a subordinate character in a vigorous and united effort to maintain the common rights of the South. Nothing will be left undone to advance the interests of all, and the candor, frankness, and sincerity which have been exhibited by the President assure me that harmony and concert of action will be the result. He duly appreciates the importance of the occasion, and his courage, prudence, and military experience will exert a salutary influence in directing and controlling the military movements now in progress for the protection of Virginia and the South.

And, finally, I communicate herewith orders issued to Generals Carson, Taliaferro, and Haymond, and also a letter acknowledging the receipt of General Harper's report of operations at Harper's Ferry. General Harper was placed in charge of the expedition against Harper's Ferry, and I regret that the orders given to him on the 17th day of April last have been mislaid. These orders show that I acted with the promptness and decision due to the occasion. General Harper's report will be found with these orders. *



RICHMOND, June 18, 1861.


Pensacola, Fla.:

The Governor of your State now desires to arm another regiment for the defense of Florida. Under these circumstances the President, with every desire to oblige you, does not think it right to accept troops from your State for service in Virginia.


MILLEDGEVILLE, June 18, 1861.


I have General Phillips' brigade in camp of instruction. Will organize the mountain regiment next week. Will arm and equip both. They go for the war. Will undertake to comply with your wish to supply an armed regiment in place of Semmes', now at Brunswick, except the sea-cost company, Captain Styles. Will retain him and put company in his place, provided your quartermaster can arrange supplies of provisions for the new companies as they arrive


*None of these inclosures found herewith, but see Harper to Letcher, Series I, VOL. II, p. 774.