War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0389 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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trust, therefore, that this detail of facts, sustained by proofs that can not be gainsaid or controverted, will not be considered either as untimely or out of place.

In my inaugural message I embraced the opportunity to advice the General Assembly that it was their "duty to place the State in such a condition that she will be prepared at all times and upon the shortest notice to protect her honor, defend her rights, and maintain her institutions against all assaults of her enemies. With this view I recommend a careful revision of the militia laws; and in this connection I suggest that munitions of war be procured and provision be made for the organization of an efficient military staff. " I recommended at the same time the passage of a bill "for the organization of a brigade of minute men," and furnished the draft of a bill for the accomplishment of this object.

On the 21st day of January, 1861, the General Assembly passed "An act making an appropriation of $180,000 to purchase such arms, equipments, and munitions as may be required for the immediate use of the State. " This sum was to be extended under the direction of a commission to be appointed by the Executive, and consisted of Colonel Phe act, and entered upon the discharge of their duties. No men were ever more prompt and faithful in the performance of a public duty, and their action received the approval of the General Assembly. Out of this appropriation thirteen rifle cannon, 5,000 percussion muskets, revolvers, cavalry sabers, 50,000 pounds of powder, and other articles were purchased. The entire sum was expended, as will fully appear from the report of Major Randolph, made to the General Assembly on the 1st day of April last, and herewith transmitted. *

By an act passed January 29, 1861, it was made he duty of the colonel of ordnance, under direction of the Governor, to procure the necessary arms, equipments, and munitions of war for the defense of the State. He is authorized also to contract for the manufacture of equipments and munitions and to buy materials therefor, and to contract for altering and improving cannon and small-arms and to purchase machinery and material therefor. The act appropriates $800,000 to accomplish these purposes. Colonel Charles Dimmock was nominated to the Senate and confirmed as colonel of ordnance, and immediately entered upon the discharge of his duties. His report, herewith transmitted [Appendix B],* will show what was done under this act.

By the same act the Governor is authorized to employ an engineer to plan and construct coast, harbor, and river defenses, and to execute the same, if approved by the Governor. For this position Colonel Talcott was selected, and he has been most industriously and energetically employed in the discharge of his important duties. The act also provided for the construction of three arsenals in different sections of the State, and for the purposes mentioned in this sections of the State, and for the purposes mentioned in this paragraph the sum of $200,000 was appropriated. Under this act the amount appropriated could not be raised in the usual mode, by the sale of State bonds, the bonds having depreciated 20 per cent. or more, and our law prohibiting the sale at less than their par value.

Hence, an act was passed, on the 14th day of March thereafter, authorizing the issue of $1,000,000 of treasury notes. This act authorized the Governor to direct the auditor to borrow for the State from


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