War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0367 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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tional regiments who are now on their way to Virginia; that he has sent into the service of the Confederate States every regiment for which he has received a requisition from the War Department; that every regiment sent by him has been armed and equipped with the best arms and equipments subject to his control, and that he will continue thus to arm and equip every regiment sent by him into service as long as the arms owned by the State shall hold out. I am further instructed to say that any volunteers from Georgia now in Virginia without arms have not been sent under the requisitions upon this department, and will have to look for their supply to the Confederate States. I am also instructed to say that it is impossible for Georgia to furnish the cavalry arms desired, not having them at her disposal.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,




Hon. HENRY A. WISE, &c.,

Richmond, Va.:

SIR: In relation to the legion proposed to be raised by you, I am instructed to state that it should have the most prompt formation by companies, the companies to be reported, with their officers, in order that the latter may be duly commissioned. When ten companies are raised they will be organized into a regiment and the field officers appointed. To this end your recommendations and the recommendations of those associated with you are desired. When the two regiments are completed they will be organized into a brigade, of which it is designed to appoint you a brigadier-general. Your recommendation of competent and reliable men as assistant quartermaster, assistant commissary, surgeon, and assistant surgeon, one of each per regiment, is requested, the several staff officers to be appointed by the President, in accordance with law. Conceding to you the legionary formation proposed, it is to be understood that the number of mounted men shall not exceed 500, equal to six companies or three squadrons; that there shall be one battery of field artillery, to consist of six pieces, and that all the troops are to arm and equip themselves thoroughly, and to aid in this you are authorized to purchase private arms for the purpose. The following is the organization of a regiment under existing laws, viz: One colonel, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 major, 1 surgeon, 1 assistant surgeon, 1 adjutant [to be taken from the lieutenants of the regiment], 1 sergeant-major, 1 quartermaster-sergeant, and 10 companies, each company to consist of 1 captain, 1 first lieutenant, 2 second lieutenants, 4 sergeants, 4 corporals, 2 musicians, and from 64 to 100 privates [not under 64 or over 100]. *

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Adjutant and Inspector General.

[JUNE 4, 1861. -For action of the Governor and Council of Virginia, with reference to transfer of all volunteer forces of the State to the Confederate service, &c., see Series I, VOL. LI, Part II, pp. 130-134.]


*See also postscript of Cooper to Wise, June 6, 1861, Series I, VOL. II, p. 909.