War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0363 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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direct their operations; and the county court is authorized to issue county bonds or scrip for the purpose of raising money immediately to meet the expenses contemplated by this section.

dained. That this ordinance shall be repealable by the General Assembly of this State, and this ordinance shall be in force and after its adoption.

Adopted and passed in and by the convention on the 30th day of May, A. D. 1861.


President of the Arkansas State Convention.



Secretary of the Convention.

NEW ORLEANS, May 30, 1861.


The Fifth and Sixth Regiments are ready to be mustered into service of the Confederate States, but the officers of the Confederate States are without orders. Seventh Regiment will be ready at the close of the week, and Eighth Regiment next week. The Fourth Regiment is still here awaiting marching orders.


ATLANTA, GA., May 31, 1861.


President of the Confed. States of America, Richmond, Va.:

MY DEAR SIR: I had the honor to receive your telegram about General Gartrell's regiment, and it is being mustered in according to your wish. Colonel Colquitt's regiment has gone forward and I will try to have Gartrell's all off by Saturday night. I shall then order another regiment to rendezvous in a few days, which, together with the regiment being raised by McDonald and Anderson, I will arm and equip as soon as possible. Part of the material of these regiments will be in great need of drill, and I should be very happy, after they are mustered into the service, if they could be thrown into camp of instruction, either here or in Virginia, for two or three weeks. Since I saw you I have met Judge H. R. Jackson, and have mentioned to him our conversation in reference to his appointment as brigadier-general, and he is much delighted at the prospect. If I could receive a commission at Milledgeville in a few days for him it would be to me a source of the highest gratification, and I know that Jackson would highly appreciate and gratefully remember the compliment. He is a gallant man, and would, in my opinion, exert all his powers to serve you and the common cause with ability and fidelity. If he were appointed soon he would take great interest in the organization and preparation of the two regiments, which would greatly aid me, and I promise you in that case that I would arm and equip them in the very best style in my power with as little delay as possible, and I will do all I can to add to the number, very soon after they are off, still another armed regiment. I assure you I feel great interest in this application. If I can furnish the troops above proposed, Georgia