War of the Rebellion: Serial 127 Page 0362 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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[MAY 29 and JUNE 3, 1861. -For correspondence between Davis and Ellis in relation to forwarding North Carolina troops to Virginia, see Series I, VOL. LI, Part II, pp. 119, 127.]

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the relief of the families of volunteers in actual service in certain cases.

SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the people of the State of Arkansas in convention assembled. That the county courts of this State be, and they are hereby, empowered to set apart and appropriate as a fund for the relief and support of the families of volunteers while in actual service, when from affliction or indigence such relief may be necessary, so much of the special tax which the said courts are authorized to levy by an ordinance adopted by this convention on the 11th day of May, A. D. 1861, entitled "An ordinance to levy a tax for military and other purposes," as in the judgment of either of said courts may be necessary to constitute the relief fund herein contemplated: Provided, That the fund raised and appropriated shall, in the county where the same is raised; and the collector of revenue shall receive no compensation for collecting the tax provided for by said ordinance above referred to.

SEC. 2. Be it further ordained. That the county courts be authorized to issue county scrip anticipating the tax necessary to effect the objects of the preceding section.

SEC. 3. Be it further ordained. That the county courts of this State be, and they are hereby, authorized and empowered to appoint and raise semi-annually a home guard of minute men, whose terms of service shall be for three months in their respective limits, to consist of companies of not less than ten for each township, whose officers, when elected by the companies respectively, shall be commissioned by the county courts, and whose duty it shall be to see that all slaves are disarmed, to prevent the assemblage of slaves in unusual numbers, to keep the slave population in proper subjection, and to see that peace and order are observed; and said guard are authorized to arrest all suspected persons and bring them before some justice of the peace without warrant for trial by the civil authorities. The home guard of minute men shall be armed and equipped by each county at its own expense out of the tax provided for by said ordinance "to levy a tax for military and other purposes," and compensation may be made to said guard out of said tax, if, in the discretion of the county court, such compensation should be made. The home guard shall assemble in their respective townships to take precautionary measures at least once in each week, at the call of the commanding officer, and shall be momentarily ready for service at his call. Persons engaged in this branch of duty shall, upon failure to obey the call to duty by the commander, forfeit not less than $1 nor more than $5 for each offense, to be collected in the name of the presiding judge of the county court before any justice of the peace, to be applied by the county court in defraying the expenses of this branch of the public service, unless it shall be shown that such failure was the result of sickness for each county by the several county courts, whose duty it shall be, when necessary, to take charge of all the home guard minute men in his county and